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To the girl I fell for in Felwood

Content of the article: "To the girl I fell for in Felwood"

16 years ago we met while leveling in the hell that was Felwood, both of us leveled in our 50’s, making that final push to 60. It started with a simple “hello” and eventually evolved into something I never could have expected.

I will never forget those late nights we would spend just talking and running around, sometimes questing, sometimes just goofing off. We probably could have hit 60 a lot quicker, but we didn’t care.

I will never forget how our relationship grew from questing, to emails, to talking on the phone (yes, this was also before texting was a huge thing, we actually had to talk to each other) while you would walk your dog in the park.

I will never forget the time I flew a short 530 miles to finally get to meet you face to face, and how shy you were when you picked me up from the airport.

I will never forget the time when I had to leave you and didn’t know when I was going to see you again, or if I was going to see you again… That 1.25 hour flight was the longest flight home in my life…

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I will never forget the time when we talked, almost as soon as I returned home from being with you, and both of us expressed how in love with each other we were.

I will never forget the time I dropped everything, and did the most out of character thing I have ever done in my life and decided to uproot my life and move to be with you.

I will never forget the time I proposed to you and you said yes

I will never forget the time we stood at the altar so nervously in front of our family and friends and said “I do.”

I will never forget the times that you made me a father, now of 2 amazing, beautiful children.

Although not all stories have a happy ending, and ours may have ended, I will never forget that part of my life that I had lived, it will be a part of me forever.

And to that end…

I will never forget the time I met the girl I fell for in Felwood…

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Thank you Blizzard and World of Warcraft for giving me the chance live the experience of a life time.


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