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Trouble getting DMF Buff? Easy guide here.


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So it looks like some people just stumble upon some spare time on their hands and realise the best they can make of it is to try and waste other people’s time. A bit sad, but since we're not able to help them, the second best thing we can do is to just ignore them and get this buff the easiest way possible.

It is worth noting that the stat buffs (INT/SPI/STA/STR/AGI) only increase your BASE stats by 10%, so they are very negligible. You either want the damage buff or if you are a healer then possibly the resistance buff. Please note that following the suggestions below will result in one character death, so you shouldn’t get any other world buffs before this.

Settings / Addons / Macros

Interact With Target Key Bind

Go to the ‘Main Menu’ (Esc by default), open ‘Key Bindings’, select ‘Targeting’ on the left then scroll down to find ‘Interact With Target’ and bind it to a key. This will allow you to interact with your target without having to actually have your mouse over it and press right click, which will come handy when there are a bunch of players on their mounts parked on top of the NPC intentionally to try and block you from getting your buff.

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Targetexact Macro

Go to the ‘Main Menu’ (Esc by default), open ‘Macros’ or type “/macro” into the chat window and create one with the following content:

/targetexact Sayge 

This is optional, you’ll most likely have time to just type the above line into your chat window when needed, but it’s nice to have. Same reasons as the previous keybind, people will intentionally stand on top of the NPC to try and grief you. They will also create characters which names start with Sayge in order to mess with a regular target macro.

Enter Battleground Macro

Go to the ‘Main Menu’ (Esc by default), open ‘Macros’ or type “/macro” into the chat window and create one with the following content:

/click MiniMapBattlefieldFrame RightButton /click DropDownList1Button2 

This will save you some time entering a battleground which is the get out plan in this guide. Please test this first before going for the buff. Please note this macro only works if you’re not queued up for more than one type of BG.

Automatic Buff Selection Addon

You can save time on grabbing the buff by not having to select the dialogues manually while talking to Sayge. There are (at least) 2 options for this below:

A) WeakAuras

There are multiple WAs for this purpose, here’s the most popular one:

Please note you need to set it up properly for it to pick the correct buff.

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B) Nova World Buffs

This addon is recommended to have for anyone planning on getting any world buffs.

Go to the ‘Main Menu’ (Esc by default), open ‘Interface Options’, select ‘NovaWorldBuffs’ under the ‘Addons’ tab and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll need to check the box next to ‘Auto Get DMF Buff’ and select the buff you’re going for from the dropdown list next to it.


  1. Move to the enemy territory DMF is located at, close to the actual location but at a safe distance.
  2. Ask a friend (or use an alt on a different account) to queue you up to ONE type of BG, preferably the one having it’s expected wait time close to the time it will take to spirit run to DMF. You are not able to queue for a BG after dying.
  3. Move in to DMF and get killed preferably while standing on top of Sayge. This way the people intentionally trying to block you from interacting with Sayge will actually help you a bit by covering your body, which could otherwise give a cue to them about your resurrecting.
  4. Spiritrun back to your corpse, position yourself to be in interacting range with Sayge and target him with the ‘Targetexact Macro’ mentioned earlier. You can also try and scout rogues if you have time.
  5. Once the dialogue for entering the BG pops up you can resurrect and do the below as quick as you can.
  6. Press your ‘Interact With Target Key Bind’
  7. Wait for ‘Automatic Buff Selection Addon’ to do its job. Please note this is not instant, make sure you receive your buff before moving on.
  8. Press your ‘Enter Battleground Macro’ to get out. You might need to spam this macro.
  9. Type “/afk” or right click the minimap icon to leave the BG.
  10. Congrats, you have your DMF Buff!
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Resetting the Buff

If you happen to die after picking up the buff you will receive a 4 hour cooldown before you’re eligible to receive this buff again. However, this is just a hidden debuff on your character, which means you can have it knocked off you by getting affected by 16 other debuffs. The easiest way to do this is to ask some friends to come with you to the STV or DM arenas and have them debuff you with what they can.

PS.: If you have any related tips or tricks, please share it with the rest of us. Feel free to use and share this guide as you see fit. Also available in google doc:


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