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TSWoW – WotLK Modding Unleashed

Dear friends,

This is not a server announcement, but we thought this might be of interest even for those who do not usually read the development forums. Mods can take this down if it does not fit the purpose of this board.

TSWoW is a new open source toolkit for creating custom content in Wrath of the Lich King. It combines a TrinityCore-based server emulator (close to upstream) with the VSCodium editor and the TypeScript programming language to create the most powerful toolchain for custom content available for the game to date. To celebrate going public, we created a small trailer.

The aim of TSWoW is to make WoW modding:

  • More powerful
  • Efficient
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Self-documenting (Autocompletion, code comments)

TSWoW wishes to both expand the horizons for what is possible and feasible with WotLK modding, but also to present this in a way that makes it more accessible to people outside of the established scene. For this reason, we have along with this public release tried to create a step-by-step introductory tutorial to setting up a server and creating some of the more common types of custom content, such as classes, spells, talents, quests, items and creatures. We appreciate any feedback on this information, as it’s difficult to judge exactly what a beginner understands about WoW servers and the game. You can join our discord channel to easily get in touch.

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What can TSWoW do?

This release is an alpha release intended to gauge interest, and to find bugs and feature requests. It is not suitable for production use, and currently only runs on Windows. However, TSWoW already has a lot of powerful features implemented, and our introductory tutorial is mostly complete. This code example demonstrates that we can already create custom classes, spells, talents and trainers with appropriately named APIs and in less than 100 lines of code.

Brief feature list:

  • Extensive standard library: Create custom classes, spells, creatures, quests and items with only a few lines of code. TSWoW handles all the tedious manual work behind the scenes.
  • Live Scripting (like Eluna, but TypeScript): Easy-to-use server scripting with autocompletion. TSWoW transforms this into fairly performant C++ code that can be reloaded without restarting the server. No more balancing ease-of-use against script performance.
  • 100% free and open source. Licensed as GPLv3 with no AGPL (server-friendly).
  • Automation: Building client and server files is done automatically. To modify game data, you simply write a script and run a command to rebuild everything. Performance has been highly optimized, and even large mods with thousands of entries takes seconds to build (on our machines).
  • (Advanced users) Complete API for programmatically modifying any DBC file or SQL table (World database).
  • Fairly easy installation. Just follow our short installation guide and you will be set up in no time. Most of the usual tediousness of setting up a server core is done automatically.
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Who makes TSWoW?

I am currently a single developer working with one editor who is learning the source. While we don’t expect it, anyone is welcome to contribute and I’d be more than willing to help others understand the source too.

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