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Twilight Corruptor Bug?

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So I've been trying to do the 'Bang A Gong' questline so I can get the healing dagger on my druid. One of the parts I'm on is 'The Nightmares Corruption' which requires 4 Fragments of the Nightmare's Corruption. To even further enforce that I'm on the quest, since my guildmates like to joke about me not having it as we've been killing Dragonkins in the other 3 zones with bad drop rates, I do already have the Feralas drop. Anyways last night we finished AQ40 a little early and the raidleader let me hijack the raid to go to Duskwood for this raid encounter to get another one of my drops. Well it didn't drop. And I was under the impression, unlike the other 3, it was a guaranteed drop. Now if that's not the case then correct me and that's were this post will end. However, again I was under the impression it was a guaranteed drop so I opened a ticket to get it resolved instead of dragging ~30 other people through that fight again (post raid, everybody is tired and wants to do other things). We had me set as MasterLooter and the threshold was bumped down to 1 with commands for common drops and we killed the guy. I couldn't loot him, but I've got an addon that gives me improved UI information so I could see who was on the loot rotation or whatever, and told them to loot the guy but they couldn't either. Then the body disappeared 1-2 minutes later as empty corpses usually do. Submitted my ticket and got what appeared to be a copy paste response with not much hope of them helping me resolve the problem. I literally got this as part of the response: "I see here that you were running into some trouble with not being able to {X}." Yes, my problem of {X}, thanks Game Master Shuyect. Obviously getting another raidgroup together and doing this event again is an option, but what if it doesn't drop a second time? Why can't I get an actual response from a GM either? What do you guys think?

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