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Unfairly banned twice. Blizzard not helping. Annoyed.

I have been banned twice in the past two weeks for "botting" when I do not bot. In trying to find other people's experience with this, I have seen similar situations, but also a lot of comments to the effect of "you got what you deserved cheeter!!" so respond however. I do not expect this will help me get unbanned, but it can't hurt.

I have been a subscriber since release day and have never had any sort of actions on my account. On Sept 10th, I was running Blackrock Foundry on my hunter for transmog gear and I get disconnected. I go to log back in and it says my account has been permanently closed. I received the following email:

I am very confused because I do not use any kind of third party programs to bot, I don't do any multiboxing, I don't do a lot of farming to be mistaken for a bot. I have an authenticator on my account and have no unauthorized usage. I live alone so no one is using my account without my knowledge (unless my cat is). I submitted a ticket and received this as a response.

I am very frustrated at this point that I have been permanently banned without doing anything wrong and they cannot even tell me what it is I did wrong. Looking online, and seeing other posts in reddit (such as this one, I see that it may take a few tickets before the issue is resolved. Okay, so I need to submit more tickets. I continue to be civil in them (standard "I've worked customer service so I know how it goes" response).

Next response. Still no information on what it was I did.

After a thorough investigation (I thought they did that already?) they reduce it from a permanent ban to a six month suspension. They also say this time I was reported by other players, but again, no details on what it was I was actually doing.

Again there is mention of "my case" as if the person on the other side knows what it is I am accused of doing but will not tell me.

Another "thorough review" with no details.

Identical email. I think this is when I tried using the live chat option to get a human (did not help) and then tried using live chat again to get a different human (did not work).

Still nothing.

A human response, but still not helpful. Now the reasoning has changed from "reported by players for cheating" back to "hacks." He mentions subsequent offenses, but neglects to actually tell me what the original offense is. He also mentions that submitting repeated tickets is itself actionable, which I find no way to interpret other than a thinly veiled "stop submitting tickets or you will be banned."

Same response.


I don't know why the text on this is purple, but it's the same message, so no real point in reading it.

Actually typed out response, but still no help.

Actual typed response, but again, no help. At this point, I was asking for at least information on what it is I did wrong, so I could not do it again. _If_ I did something wrong, I want to not do it again! I can understand wanting to stay ahead of bots by not being fully transparent on what gets someone caught ("we detected wowcheat.exe") but I feel like some kind of information would be nice. This approach feels like being pulled over by a cop, who hands you a fine and a link to your state's law website, and says figure it out.

At this point, while I am still angry at the principle of the matter, my account will be unsuspended in six months. I decide hey, shadowlands is on sale and has a boost, gear isn't too hard to get, I'll just make another account. (This is defeated resignation, not a sign of guilt.) I buy another account and RAF it. I boost another DK and level it up. My friends and guild mates are great and help me out by running SoD on LFR and normal to share some loot with me to get a jump start on gearing the character. I get ready to tank heroic on reset.

I submit a ticket to see if I can have guild leadership transferred over to someone else, since my account is suspended. They continue to be helpful, as always!

I spend the week playing the game normally. I do some raids. I do some old stuff for transmog. I sell some things on the auction house. I do torghast. I quest. I leveled another hunter (I do have to say the new leveling experience is a lot better). I stop submitting tickets daily, because it is clear they are not going to change what they did, I will have my characters back in six months, and it sucks but there is no point stressing about it. I did decide I would continue to submit a ticket on Tuesdays, in the hopes I win the lottery and get someone who actually looks into it and realizes they made a mistake.

This is the ticket I submitted last night.

Today I was out and I check my phone and I have an email from Blizzard. I go to open it fully expecting to see yet another cut and paste response at best, or more threatening my account because I'm submitting tickets at worst. Instead, I was greeted with this!


At this point, I am beyond anger and just feel blank. I gave Blizzard more money for another account because they refuse to fix their initial mistake, I level and gear another character so I can continue to tank for my guild, and then that one gets banned too. I have no unauthorized cheat programs or hacks. Even if I did, it doesn't make any sense: why would I continue to do it when they just caught me for it? The money I spent on the account has been stolen from me and they lack the common courtesy to tell me what it is that I did.

Again, I don't think posting this on reddit is going to do anything to help me. Blizzard isn't reading here to help have better customer service (though hey guys, you could use some PR wins right now). They don't really read the support tickets either, and no matter what time I submitted it, they would always wait for me to log off and send an email rather than actually speaking to me (I guess I am a second class citizen because I do not have thousands of twitch followers). And I tried using Twitter, but the social media team that runs it just says to submit a ticket. But hey, since I can't play the game, I have some time to type this out.

Condolences to anyone reading this six months from now who was also wrongfully banned. It sucks. I wish I knew what to tell you to fix it. Consider a different game (I know someone who is using this as a big push to say hey go try FFXIV). I know I'm on the fence about whether or not I want to give the company any money for D2R right now.


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