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Upcoming Private Server Looking For Staff.

Greetings fellow redditor,

If you're reading this, I ask that you read through all of the post, as while it is long, it is rather informal, and if you are truly interested, you would see why I ask you to read through this. (or just do a quick scroll down to see the zones and then come back up and read to understand 😉 )

I'm a gamer, just like most of everyone here. I grew up on WoW, it was my childhood… as I am sure it is for the rest of you, given we are part of the Wow Emu Scene. Starting out in the emulation scene is rough, most projects fail within the first few months, causing ambitious developers and those interested in helping to stay away from them because chances are they will never be released, or it is a sinking ship. However, I want to propose a project that I believe, will in fact, top all WOTLK in it's genre of private servers.

I'd like to introduce to you a new private server called "RevelationWoW", currently in development. We plan to have a unique leveling system that while is similar to normal WOTLK, but has twists to it. In addition we plan to have unique twists to our classes, unique non-instanced world raiding, player housing, new zones/new capital cities/changes to the vanilla zones, and honestly just so much more.

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Below is a link with a few screenshots of our zones, I've made a post before and I seemed to have received good feedback on the zones, so I will attach new (or better) screenshots of the zones, and some zones we have recently worked on.

If you are interested, please email me at <>(, or contact RektByFaith#0193 (case sensitive), or simply message me here on reddit. We need world editors, SQL guys, C++ developers, GM's (needed to help place down NPC's/GObjects Etc within the world atm), basically Anyone willing to help, we would love to have you on.

Or if you are a player who is just interested in one day playing our server, this is our discord link: note while we may not be very active in the chats, it is mainly because we are Developing as much as possible.

While we wish to release a specific launch day for this server, all we can say is if all continues to go as planned, perhaps we can release testing early summer. We want to be able to provide incredible content, and become the "Go To" private server one day. To achieve this goal it requires lots of dedication and love.


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Expansion of Orgrimmar Outside The Front Gates.


Expansion of Goldshire, a beloved town by the alliance.

Booty Bay, reimagined.


Remains Of Rocketzan, a new capital city within shimmering flats.




The Forgotten Temple – Kalimdor Hidden Zone

Tanaris – A Collapsing land.

Elwynn Forest – Outside Stormwind.(WORK IN PROGRESS)

Un'Goro Crater – Blooming with magic, or being destroyed by it?


Thousand needles – A Land Frozen Over.



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