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UPDATE: “Banned for Abuse of Economy” It gets worse

Content of the article: "UPDATE: “Banned for Abuse of Economy” It gets worse"

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So my main account has now just been banned also. I've had this account for 15 years, it holds my two main 60's, Nostance and Pipslip

My first ticket got the generic response of "this has already been investigated and your account is closed" I have asked for it to be escalated

Since my first account was banned. I setup a new account so I could have a bank alt again. I went through my 60's inventory and scrounged up everything I had that I could craft and sell. I managed to find enough to make a couple of Bloodvine sets, Devilsaur sets and some pots and flasks. I also had some Arcane Crystals that I was holding on to for Phase 6 that I liquidated. I spent a few hours crafting, moving them over to my bank alt and posting them last night. Sold a fair bit and collected about 3k gold. I then moved 2k of that over to my main account so I could go to a ZG GDKP run this morning. About 5 minutes after zoning in to the instance, I get hit with the ban hammer.

My third account which I created last night is still up for now, but I fully expect this to get banned also.

All of my accounts are under my name and are linked. So there should be no confusion as to who I am trading with, and they're all being run from my one computer, so clearly I'm just sitting here trading with my own characters.

Again, I know a lot of people won't believe me or hate on me for being so active on the Auction House and accumulating wealth, but this is utter horseshit. I have never bought or sold gold, never run any sort of cheat program or done any shady dealings. I buy up materials in bulk, craft them, sell them and store some for later on. That's it.

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Hoping a GM who browses this subbredit might stumble on this and take a further look in to it. I have clearly interacted with a gold buyer/seller at some point recently and I'm being punished for it.

Please focus on the stupid amounts of bots, cheaters and obvious gold sellers in this game and stop taking such devastating action against what are clearly automated/edge case triggers such as mine.

I'm not going to stop opening tickets to Blizzard until this gets handled.


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