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Vanilla Private Servers will make a huge return when the time is right.

Content of the article: "Vanilla Private Servers will make a huge return when the time is right."

Not only do they have accurate 1.12 data at their disposal now, people realize they had an objectively better experience on servers like Nostalrius and Northdale for free.

What are we paying for exactly when we are provided with potato servers that freeze the moment large scale world PvP happens or when a world buff goes out. There is little to no Customer Service rofl.

People literally come here to petition automated bans. YIKES.

People/bots are STILL fly hacking ZG and black lotus spawns. Remember when they said they back ported from the Legion client for "anti-cheat purposes"? LOL yeah okay.

I have not met a single person who legit played either of those servers that thinks Classic is better in any way.

Blizzard has fucked up big time by dismissing years of research these servers have done. Classic is objectively worse and it's for $15/month.

Blizzard had such a simple, easy task to do, yet they've somehow managed to royally fuck it up. It's safe to say this company is done. Honestly we should've seen this coming. They haven't put out anything good since WOTLK.

Imagine giving this company another $1 after WC3 Reforged and Classic. How incompetent do you have to be to not know how to remaster your legendary RTS or simply rerelease your very own MMO from 2004.

Imagine the abomination that'll be Classic TBC:

  • Layered dark portal event

  • 2.4.3 Itemization, no progressive itemization

  • Batching and leeway in arenas, clunky PvP, clunky gameplay

  • Nerfed PvE

  • Rampant bots fly hacking primals

  • etc.

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Classic was never a "love letter to the community" as they claimed. It's their janitor's internship project that they could give a shit less about because it prints them ez money. Stop supporting this joke of a company that is a hollow shell of its former self. Stop supporting incompetence.

Vanilla Private Servers will undoubtedly return long after Naxx has been cleared on the hot garbage that is Classic.

Bring forth the next Vanilla F R E S H.


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