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Vashj’ir wasn’t that bad.

Content of the article: "Vashj’ir wasn’t that bad."

With the announcement of the expansion, and the looming pre-patch, I've taken the time to do some stuff I previously didn't feel like spending the time on, like maxing out my professions down to the recipe.

Part of that included doing my Argent Tournament dailies, but also, finishing out sections of Loremaster and Explorer that I'd never done; both of which meant buckling down and doing Vashj'ir.

I'm nearly finished, having just reached the Abyssal Depths, and I have to say the hate this zone got was undeserved. Sure, swimming isn't fun, but let's look at the whole.

While the story progression was adequate, some of the sections were quite good, most notably the Nespirah section. Had I never come out here for this, I'd have never seen, much less quested inside, this bug that's mostly reminiscent of the boss at the end of the swamp in Secret of Evermore.

The free mount was a pleasant surprise, as was the sudden appearance of Poseidus which gave me another free mount.

The biggest challenge I faced here wasn't the swimming. Sea Legs took care of that alongside the Seahorse mount. It was the laughable quest marker positions.

The entirety of the Visions of the Past section in Shimmering Expanse was frustrating due to this. Despite the beautiful architecture, the quest markers managed to turn this section into a maddening experience, only further complicated by the three-dimensional movement, thus causing me to stop reading quest texts and rushing to finish.

The part that saves the entire zone, for me, is my fear of deep water, and the mystery that our own oceans hold, which is why the Lightless Depths area of the zone caught me off guard. It's dark, it's fear-inducing, and it is awesome. I finally stopped to look around.

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Once you get going, it's easy to lose sight of the stunning underwater landscapes we have in our pursuit of gear and achievements.

I've got to say, story progression and quests aside, this is hands down my new favorite zone, and I look forward to doing it again on another character.


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