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Vengeance in Scythe – A Demon Hunter Chain Quest (Fan Art Project)

Here is our header and our many epic reasons for bothering… Nay! To be hyped about doing this chain quest!

This is a (purely fictional) Demon Hunter Chain Quest Fan Art Project for World of Warcraft. Idea originates from my old suggestion tweet asking to have our old Glaives and Armors back.

Hope you like it!

Without further ado, let's start questing!

Part 1: This is to tell all this is basically a Timewalking Scenario setup and Chromie is our quest giver and guide in all this. Here she explains the reasons why we get into this adventure.

Part 2: This is just to create an awkwardness comedy situation. No worries, the "real" reason why we need to go naked will be explained at the ending. Also, obs. naked time travel is a fun reference to Terminator ;b

Part 3: To increase that awkwardness, now NPCs greeting us are opposite gender compared to our character. Feeling uncomfortable about this? Then: Mission Accomplished! (Again, all that happens after is also a reference to Terminator.)

Part 4: In this part we get to reach our first goal, acquiring the old appearances to use them later on our mogs. Since we act as Trainees, we can only wear the rare items. As notified, we can also loot them though (Patience! ;b)

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Part 5: Now we're ready to blend in and our trainer gives us the best quest: Go beat others!

Part 6: What's better than a duel to prove yourself and reveal some disguised agents, right?

Part 7: As noted, I swapped places for these two, I had my reasons!

Part 8: After a short follow-the-NPC annoyance (and build up) finally, things get super messy!

Part 9: And at this part, we reach the reason for our second goal: To use an NPC-only scythe! (And learn another appearance for our future mogs ;b)

Part 10: A non-complicated but slightly challenging (and hopefully fun) Boss fight here!

Part 11: And DING!!! Achievement and Title time! (I recolored that scythe to create the Fel themed version, so it would be a lot more worthy for the Demon Hunters!)

Part 12.1: Is it over? It's not! We get caught red handed, how will we explain this?!

Part 12.2: OH NO! (Reference to the source of Kayn and Altruis feud, we didn't know what was the final straw, so maybe it was this? ;b)

Part 12.3: "But… But… Lord Illidan?!"

Part 13.1: We sure could explain ourselves if we weren't stunned in Imprison, right? :b

Part 13.2: Chromie to the rescue! (I forgot to say Chromie saves us from Imprison here, but I guess you got that right? ;b)

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Part 14: Some very shady, villain-like explanations from Chromie, but all loose ends tied and we're all good ;>

Part 15: After we complete the final quest here, we are no longer a trainee in disguise and now we can use the Epic items we have looted too. Naked awkwardness was also to blend in easier ^^ (The End!)

Bonus 1: Full Quest Text draft in Wowpedia style, for the Title and Reward part.

Bonus 2: First Rough Draft Texts to give an idea about the thought process.

Bonus 3: Triple Shot! A screenshot of my Shots folder containing in-game screenshots! Also various pose images made with WoW Model Viewer and some helpful links thanks to Wowpedia.

(20 image cap reached, so images for Bonuses 2 & 3 are at my ArtStation post)

Extra Information:*
I have originally designed this chain quest for Blizzard (without their knowing :b) to create an example to use it in my Quest Designer job application. Because I lack work experience and I wanted to show that I can do it. Well, apparently it wasn't enough and I got rejected, but thanks to that rejection, I can now share this month-long project I have worked on here, with you guys!
Extra Special Thanks:*
Caleina for helping me getting Imprison shots, helping with ideas and being there.
Icezorillax & Kinbaku for taking their time to help and being great friends.
Shaldrissa for great feedback, insight and support.
– Masters Loreology, Moorgard, Chris Metzen, Christie Golden and all the past and present story and quest team for being great inspiration!
– My Mother and Sister for putting up with me.
– My poor pup Lord Cinnamon for lots of squeeze and annoyances.

Originally posted on* My ArtStation.


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