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Want to play on the Russian Sirus server? WHERE IS THE ENGLISH? Its here

Since people seem to advertise their servers and just spam it and whatever else they do, I just won't post a link. Its an easy google search though, this topic isn't really about the game but translating it (probably can work on any other server that isn't in english). First and first most, this is a half baked…still raw in the middle and someone came in shouting at me a how raw it is and to shut this place down. However, the meat of the game is translated…but as far as I can see, no quests at all get translations, at least not of the custom ones and I dunno if there is even any original quests left.

But if you ignore going onto another planet to experience some exotic, amazing cities (gameplay), the server actually has far more unique and higher quality than all the US stuff ones I've been finding. Its like a rather different take on WoW, can even be a neutral faction which is cool.

I believe this works on the Vendetta server (think its portuguese or spanish, one of the two), its supposed to be extremely unique take on WoW like Sirus, but I haven't tried it yet and haven't seen if my hacksawed changes would work.

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Before download link…all I did was take data english .wdb files, and renamed enGB to ruRU (change this to whatever language initials of the server is using. enUS would be the typical american one, and the first two initials are always lower cased. And made backups of the russian ones (then moved them somewhere else) and then replaced them. I mean…it works xD

As a heads up, putting enGB or enUS folders into World of Warcraft SirusData crashes the game. They do not seem to like that, and it needs the ruRU files which can just rename them to that. So just doing the former isn't so easy.

Just put the folder in the data and overwrite (though I still recommend backing the originals up).

Though, the server is pretty far in the US, took me overnight to download it. If you have a datacap, it probably be no good. I'm even on google fiber and it was still so slow.


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