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Warriors for Autism – A Month Long Charity Event Supporting Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Hello All,

I'm DesMephisto, an autistic streamer focused on mental health and autism advocacy. Every April I do a month long series of events supporting Autistic Self Advocacy Network known as Warriors for Autism. This year I've partnered with r/wow,, Pieces, Big Dumb Golden Guardians, Blue Microphones, GFUEL, AMD, Wowhead, Nascent and Warcraft.

My goal is simple, raise money for charity while entertaining and educating others about autism. I want to change the way we see autism in the gaming community as well as giving those of us with autism a voice in places that often tend to see us as a negative.

You can find out a bit more about myself and my journey as an autistic here

I've also set up the tiltify campaign this year as a team, so if you'd like to participate and help raise funds for ASAN please reach out to me!

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

ASAN is a charity ran by autistics for autistics, their motto – no conversation about us without us. ASAN is a non profit that fights for autistic rights, advocating for changes in the system and ensuring autistic voices are heard in political conversation. They have a ton of resources available on autism, loudening your voice as an autistic, helping autistics, as well as understanding us.

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Tiltify Campaign

You can donate here


From Blue:

Blue Yeti Nano

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti X

Blue Yeti Caster

From Myself thanks to AMD:

Raedeon 5700XT Graphics Card


Starter kits


GFUEL Backpack loaded with product (Tubs, Shakers, etc)

From Wowhead:

1x Wowhead 15th Anniversary Floating Frame Canvas

2x Picnic Basket

5x 60 Days of WoW Game Time

2x 15th Anniversary Alabaster Mounts

2x Mischief Companion Pet

From Pieces:

10/10 Mythic EU Carry – Horde

From BDGG:

AOTC Charity Carries – Horde

From Death Jesters and Zeroes to Heroes:

AOTC Charity Carries – Alliance

4x $20 BNET balance codes


10/10 Mythic NA Carry – Horde

From Ruebert:

WoW Yeti Microphone

From Melgany:

Epic Blizzcon Celebration Package


Date Event Time
April 1st Outriders – 1x keys to giveaway
April 2nd Diablo + twitter giveaway
April 3rd Glory of the Legion Raider and GMOD runs 11AM PST
April 4th Horde AOTC Charity Carries 2-4PM PST
April 7th Warrior Speedrun 11AM PST
April 10th Glory of the Tomb Raider, GMOD and Transmog competition 11AM PST
April 11th Horde AOTC Charity Carries 2-4PM PST
April 15th Hotones styled AMA PAIN edition – Likely a front page twitch event 5PM PST
April 16th WoW Trivia Night with RedShirtGuy 5PM PST
April 17th March Across Azeroth 1PM PST
April 18th All Warrior Mythic+, Horde AOTC Charity Carries 11AM, 2-4PM PST
April 19th All Warrior RBG 5PM PST
April 24th Glory of the Argus Raider, GMOD 11AM PST
April 28th Warrior Speedrun 11AM PST
April 30th WoW Trivia Night 5PM PST
May 8th RBG Tournament with more info coming soon TBD
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Donation Milestones

$500 – Blue Yeti Nano Giveaway

$1000 – Shot of Torchbearer Garlic Reaper

$1500 – Blue Yeti Microphone Giveaway

$2000 – Blind Folded Hot Sauce Consumption

$2500 – Blue Yeti X Microphone Giveaway

$3000 – Shot of Da Bomb Hot Sauce

$3500 – Blue Yeti Caster Giveaway

$4000 – 10/10 Mythic EU Carry from Pieces Giveaway Activation (Horde)

$5000 – Blue Yeti WoW Microphone

$6000 – Lightly used 5700XT Graphic Card giveaway

$5121 – Beating last years donations

$5500 – The Ultimate Sauce (every Hot Sauce, one wing)

$6500 – Attempt to Braid Beard on Stream

$7000 – Bite into a raw red onion like an apple

$7500 – No Beanie Stream


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