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We need to talk about Med’an

I'm one of the crazy bastard which actually likes Med'an, there's something in his lore that I simply love, and I'm not being ironically, honestly, I like it's character.

But lets talk about it's canonicty, according to Alex Afrasiabi, "Certain fiction exists outside the World of Warcraft that we love, but is it necessarily what we would consider canon? So Med'an as Guardian, isn't considered canon in Warcraft lore, which is why in the last five years you haven't seen a reference to him. Um, so, that doesn't mean that there can't be a story for Med'an, it's just not like it was laid out in the comics".

That remarks the fact that he MAY exist in the actual canon lore, but yeah, I know about that Chronicle easter egg (who the haters wield as the irrefutable argument of its uncanonicty), but does not implies his non-existence, only tells us that he isn't the Guardian. Refuses that fact (or history arc) but let the window open for a new aparition in the future.

We haven't heard of Med'an in a long, long time ago, and at the moment, the story doesn't look pretty optimistic about our favorite half-breed, with Anduin being the most closer "protagonist", and Khadgar "taking" the place of """Guardian""" of Azeroth.

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I'm not going to ask "do y'all think we'll see Med'an in the future?", beacuse Blizzard doesn't look like wanna tell stories focused on Azeroth itself, or about it's citizens (taking now a more cosmological approach), but, the really question is:

Med'an DESERVES to be canon?

Is Med'an hated with no reason? Or should I ask, Is that hate unjustified? something that the olds fans hate, and becomes a tradition?

I personally would like to see a Med'an in-game, or at least, one mention that tell us that he really exists or its contemplated in the actual lore, even if is like an underground character or he's going to appear in side media (as Warcraft: Traveler, for say something).

Funfact: Did you know that barely fan arts of Med'an exists? Go check by yourself in Google, the small amount of images are from the comics.


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