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Weekly Thread Changes / Achievement & Loot Trial Period / Reigning in Fan Merchandise / Call Out Changes

Hi r/wow,

This post covers an amalgam of issues that we hope will make the subreddit a bit better based on user feedback from a number of places.

Weekly Thread Shuffle

Towards the end of January a user in the Tanking Tuesday thread suggested moving it to Thursday as the position of the thread meant that players in the EU were unable to participate as their reset hadn't happened yet, among other good reasons. This user also brought the suggestion to modmail where we first saw it. The idea made sense and is why starting next week we're moving Tanking Tuesday to Thursday.

Achievement / Loot Trial Period

Naturally switching the Loot Thread to Tuesday has the same problem Tanking Tuesday had – it screws over the EU. We're continuing the process of reviewing and challenging old rules that have existed forever to the point they're just accepted. A lot of people really like Achievement posts. Perhaps Megathreading them is not worthwhile. So until the end of April, you can post your Achievement posts and loot posts, as well as posts lamenting about not getting that item you wanted. Garrosh shoulders come to mind shakes fist in air.

Afterwards we'll have a public feedback thread just like with the Transmog one to see what the community thought of it.

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Merchandise Posts

Upon reviewing the feedback in the Transmog thread last month a common complaint was the number of posts where someone created something simple like drawing a swirly on a rock to make a hearthstone, or creating a sticker or keychain. We've noticed this too and it is frustrating to find interesting posts when there appears to be a lot of fan created merchandise (whether they're selling it at all is irrelevant as we do not allow direct store links), the main issue is that these pieces are too easy to create and unnecessarily spammy.

Presently we redirect mass produced Blizzard merchandise to the Loot Thread. Things like collectors editions, manuals, etc. With that thread going away for now, those posts as well as mass producable fan merchandise will be removed rather than redirected. This new rule will not apply to one-off commissions or unique pieces such as sculptures.

Daily Shitpost Thread

We don't actually have a title for the thread yet so feel free to suggest one.

Presently we try to keep Murloc Monday up all week to help new players get answers to their questions. Though we've seen other subreddits create daily posts where people can bullshit and talk shop that are wildly successful. Perhaps you don't want to make your own thread topic but otherwise want to bring up something that's bugging you. No other thread in the sub is really talking about it and you don't want to derail someone else's post. This is the place!

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Call Outs

In the rules re-write in February we amended the "No Witch Hunt" rule to "No Call Outs" which changed the wording and enforcement slightly to cover all instances where names are visible. This strict interpretation has proved to be extremely disappointing as we're finding ourselves removing posts for the dumb reason where there happens to be a name visible in the background somewhere. In light of this and the fact we're allowing Achievement posts to be made – it's going to look extremely silly to ask someone to blank out every guild members name as they stand proudly over Sire's corpse.

So instead the rule will continue to require names to be blanked if they're portrayed in a negative light, but all other instances are up to moderator discretion. This should prevent future instances of stupid "on a technicality" removals that some have experienced.

Well that's all! Thank you for reading and if you have any other suggestions, feel free to post them below.


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