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Welcoming New Mods + Updating our rules

Content of the article: "Welcoming New Mods + Updating our rules"

Hello r/wow!

We want to start by thanking the 90 applicants who applied to mod this sub in July. After narrowing down the list, we've added /u/_SolRosenberg_ , /u/SaintSixx, /u/notrightmeow and /u/GhostofJeffGoldblum. We'll be adding a second batch from these applications at a later date. Give them a warm welcome!

A topic of discussion we wanted to hash out before Shadowlands launch is the subreddit rules.

A few weeks ago there were several meta threads in this sub such as State of the Sub, and A commentary on the previous post, This guy has the right idea and r/wow starter pack. We'd already begun an internal discussion a few weeks prior to these posts being made about once again revising the rules and the feedback within those threads was very beneficial in shaping our direction.

Since then we've come up with more ideas and want to run them past the community to get your feedback before we implement any significant changes. Some of these changes we've decided to go through with already but we still want your feedback on them.


This subreddit was created in 2008 a few months before Wrath launched. Since then, many hundreds of decisions have been made and grandfathered in as truths that we accept and rarely re-examine. Many of these rules have existed longer than my Reddit account, which is nearly 6 years old. Back in 2011, Transmog was overwhelmingly voted off the sub and every mod who's been added since has accepted it breaks the rules because that's the way things are and "have always been". Perhaps after 9 years it's worth revisiting that decision along with many many others. Subreddits change; Reddit has changed. This is no longer the tiny community it used to be. Our current plan is to allow Transmog for a trial period of a month so that we can see how the subreddit is affected by its reintroduction. After the month is over Transmog will once again be disallowed until we can review our own internal data as well as confer with the community to see what you think our direction should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond transmog, many expressed that they've been turned off from contributing to the subreddit because as new users they were met with FAQ removals. "How do I start", "what class should I play", "what server should I roll on" are all FAQ posts and we remove them. Though the users often get a decent array of answers from the community before the moderators arrive. Perhaps then it's not worth removing them. They get a decent array of answers, are rarely popular and die in /new. Instead, we can have Automod search these posts out and recommend users check out the Murloc Monday thread or r/wownoobs without removing the post. We can also implement Automod command comments so that other users can summon Automod to give the submitter some helpful tips. See this pictured here.

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"I'm quitting"

In contrast to starting the game, something many players will be considering in the next few months is whether they want to stick around. Not everyone's going to enjoy Shadowlands and some of you will quit. When you quit, you might have some strong feelings about it and want to share them with others. As of Legion, Blizzard no longer has the box that says "tell us why you're quitting" and so many opt to post their reasoning in the sub. For as long as I can remember, we've removed these threads. We're considering allowing them provided the post is constructive, rather than just a rant. For example, if your post amounts to "I'm quitting because my class sucks" then it wouldn't be allowed, but "I'm quitting because my class sucks and here's why" would be.

Chat Boxes

During our last major rules re-write we attempted to simplify the rules so they were less wordy. At the same time we decided to get rid of some topics that we felt had become excessively repetitive, easily manufactured posts which were inciting in nature or have been a growing popular topic on reddit: anger porn. This manifested around chat box posts. Users arguing in chat, m+ keys falling apart, people using two accounts to talk to one another. At the time we had seen several waves of these posts going on for weeks and felt that they didn't add anything to the sub. Most were removed under the Witch Hunt guidelines anyway; so they were added to our rules. Though in our decision to ban them we neglected to account for the fact that people sometimes submit chat boxes to point out NPC dialogue as it relates to the lore. In reviewing this decision, we've decided to remove the ban on chat box posts. Instead we're expanding our "player names must be hidden" rule to include all player names, regardless of whether or not they're shown in a negative light.

Weekly Threads / LFG

Another long standing rule has been our redirection of Looking for Group posts to r/lookingforgroup or in the case of guild advertisements, r/wowguilds and the Saturday Recruitment Thread. At the present time we feel like allowing LFG posts isn't really conducive to the Reddit platform as Discord is a far better and more immediate option. On the topic of Discord, we currently forbid submissions that promote discords. Though a recent post went undiscovered for several hours and they saw a noticeable traffic boost. We're considering allowing users to promote their discords in the Saturday Thread so that newer discords can have a chance to be discovered. We're also considering relaxing the LFG rule insofar as allowing people to submit LFG posts in the Saturday Recruitment Thread which will be renamed to accommodate this and the discord advertisement change. Loot Thread Thursday will similarly see a name change to account for the fact that it's for achievements too, not just loot; the rules on loot and achievements are unchanged.

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Self Promotion

Sometime shortly after Reddit began they had guidelines (since deprecated) which stated that if users were going to promote their own work in a link, that they needed to make at least 9 comments in other peoples submissions if they wanted to keep promoting themselves. This was done to reduce spam on the platform. Many subreddits including r/wow adopted this as part of our rules and kept it long after the admins removed it from the content policy. The rule largely relies on mods remembering how often someone posts in the sub. As such, those that post infrequently can break the rules for months without being discovered. Those offenders often don't realize they're breaking the rules and are blindsided by us suddenly having noticed them.

As the current self-promotion rules are too open to interpretation such that users aren't quite sure where the line is, we're simplifying them. The new rules will allow content creators to submit one post of their own work per week and they are no longer required to comment in other peoples posts. So long as they're responding to comments within their own, they'll be seen as contributing. Obviously not every post will be noticed or become popular, so if your post dies in /new we're not going to fault you for not responding to the zero comments you received.


The summary of the three meta threads I linked at the beginning was that we ban too much content and we should consider allowing many topics to return. We have and will continue to do so. However other users asked us to ban some topics. Chiefly among them: Art. Art is popular for a couple reasons: it's rarely controversial so there's little motivation to downvote, it's image content so you can view it and upvote in a few seconds and the only barrier to posting is knowing the artists name. Image content like Humor / Meme, Fluff, (and soon to be) Transmog posts and all other discussion content has the issue where if the post is disagreeable "you're not funny, not a funny meme", "this transmog is boring", "I disagree with your complaint" it will be met with a downvote. As Art doesn't have this problem, it's more popular than other submissions.

Per the overall message of the meta posts as well as this one, it would be a mistake to begin allowing more content that was previously restricted while simultaneously introducing new content restrictions. If r/wow is truly supposed to represent everything World of Warcraft, Art must stay.

TL;DR for Rules Revamp: what we want your feedback on.

  • Many decisions were made years ago that effect the sub today, we've heard you and we'd like to revisit them together.
  • We're going to run a trial period where Transmog is allowed in the sub. The trial period will last a month and we'll have a community discussion about it afterwards to determine if allowing is again is a good idea. Trial period start date TBD.
  • We're considering allowing posts we currently remove as being Frequently Asked Questions.
  • We're considering allowing "I'm quitting" posts so long as they're constructive and not just a rant.
  • We're going to allow chatbox posts again, though all player names must be blanked out regardless of the context.
  • We're going to rename the Saturday Recruitment Thread to satisfy allowing LFG posts and Discord advertisements to be made there.
  • We're going to rename the Thursday Loot Thread to better identify what the thread is for (achievements too!).
  • We're considering removing the 1:9 submission-comment rule and implementing a 'one post featuring something you created' per week rule. Submitters will no longer be required to comments in other peoples posts, but will be required to comment in their own.
  • We're not going to ban Art as it is counterproductive to ban content when the goal is to allow as much as possible under r/wow's roof.
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Finally on a minor note. Congrats to r/classicwow on the belated anniversary of Classics launch!

In r/wow at the time we had decided after much discussion internally and in the community to allow Classic to remain as a topic of discussion within the sub and reaffirmed that decision in October. Since then, Classic has not been a super popular topic as evidenced by the lack of use of the Classic flairs. In light of that, we're consolidating all Classic flairs into a single one: Classic. This change has already been made.


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