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What bosses can you solo as druid?

Content of the article: "What bosses can you solo as druid?"

I wanted to create this post as I do like the solo boss challenges – feels like a mini game every time.

I am a druid on Zandalar Tribe EU (RPPVP) and would like to know if there are more bosses soloable as a druid. Please comment your experiences.

Current progress with difficulty/description:


Tinkerer Gizlock – Easy, keep dots up and kill ranged while keeping yourself healed.

Princess Theradras – Easy, keep dots up and run.


Incendius – Easy with intellect gear and moonfire/insect swarm while kiting round the edges of the pit.

Angerforge – Medium/hard with mix of tank gear and high intellect/regen pieces. I used nightfin soup and limited invulnerability pots for safety. HOTW spec.

Plugger Spazzring – Easy, avoid his casts by line of sight in the corner, can be done in any gear basically.


Mother smolderweb – Easy, start in the corner behind the boss. Pull when the nearest spider is walking away. Kill mother by chaining Starfire and Hibernate. Use high int/regen gear.


Hydrospawn – Medium/hard, possible by kiting over the edge on the right side of the boss. Rule of thumb, boss can go up that legde, but cannot go down. I expected this to be easier but getting the pathing right every time is a learning curve. Int gear helps, but you need some stamina as you will need to recover the pathing every once in a while which causes you to take quite some damage.

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Zevrin Thornhoof – Hard, you kite this boss to the same spot as Hydrospawn kill, but his 1 sec sacrifice cast is extremely annoying and hard to deal with. I have managed to get him below 50% but no kill so far – should be possible though.

Some mentions of duo kills I tried (with a rogue – shoutout to Duff – ZT)

Warmaster Voone, close call – deals heavy amounts of damage. First evasion tank – then HOTW druid takes over.

Houndmaster Grebmar, easy as duo – quite annoying as solo due to the packs of 5-6 hounds before the boss.

The Unforgiven – Easy, just watch out for patrols. Druid tanks, rogue kills unforgiven quickly, damage is manageable.

Share your experiences!



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