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What Makes Vanilla so great.

The return to SoM and for a lot of us who did Classic day one to the last day are often asked why we wanted to return so bad so quickly and why we did.

Gear Progression:

Gearing in Vanilla is great. I don't mean with new SoM loot changes, but just in general. Things are hard to come by which makes it that much more rewarding for gear. I can remember every single big piece of gear that dropped and who it went to in Classic and their reaction. TBC has this, but it's not the same. Dungeons also have died now in TBC outside of quick ones or dailies. I for example have 120 badges set aside for my ZA patch gear set, and have no real incentive to run them. In classic there were tons even towards the end. Rep, money, chance at BoE's, gear that was still good lol. ect. Side note, this isn't a Vanilla is better than TBC post I just miss the progression of vanilla gear.

Consumes/World buffs:

Before I get into this one, I played in a dad guild that didn't kill and or even see KT until March. I was also a main tank on a completely dead server. So no I wasn't in a super hardcore guild on an active server where wbuffs dropped very regularly.

World buffs were awesome and they tie into a lot I love about classic. The idea of how much you can do to prep for raid before awesome. World buffs as well I can feel the power or notice the differences, in TBC right now if everyone didn't consume one fight I probably wouldn't notice a huge difference, but in Classic when everyone was buffed up you could feel things just melt. It also was fun seeing all the buffs and having to plan which consumes to use ect.

I never minded the consumes in Nax which is where they were the most hefty, I don't have a reason on why I love them so much but I do like that there's so much again you can do outside of raid to benefit not only you but everyone else.

The Raids:

For starters: Forty people. Getting and keeping forty people together sucked at times, especially when key people of key highly coveted classes quit but good god was marching in with 39 other people was fucking awesome.

Molten core got a bit tiring, and so did BWL. So I won't count those in the mix but AQ/Nax are some of if not the best raids ever made.

C'thuun whispering you throughout the entire raid is a really cool touch, I know other raids did this but this is old content. AQ is huge which is also cool, you really get the immersion of charging in there. Visc sucks, but man Twin emps and C'thuun are a joy. C'thuuns room and the change of scenery when he's defeated are really fun. The darkness of his room is immersive. The gear is also fun from here and where everyone gets a taste, no more largely dependent one off items with a low drop chance here's some tokens. Not to say the one off items were bad, it was just nice to see people get so geared quickly.

Nax 40 is the best raid ever made in this game.

Wrath Nax as put by a former guildie of mine "Was dickless Nax" it's straight up not as cool. The gear doesn't look as cool, the trash and mechanic changes aren't as cool, the location is also immensely better in the Plague lands. Seeing it hover over Strat for the first time was like being a little kid and opening that big ticket Christmas or Hanukah gift and feeling that "woah" feeling. The gear sets are awesome, the gear is awesome, all the cool tid bits like the screams from Thaddius ect are awesome. The entire raid's atmosphere is great. Dare I say Ashbringer, Ashbringer is insanely cool. Killing KT and seeing all the portals still up to what looks like winterspring but is actually what they envisioned old Icecrown to be is really neat. All around Nax is just a cool raid that is incredibly rewarding.

To wrap this up, Vanilla WoW is incredibly rewarding and a fun experience. I prefer Pre-SOM vanilla as I fucking love world buffs, but I can't wait to get back into MC even.


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