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What should the Alliance have done during Battle of Azeroth ?

If you were Anduin Wrynn or the high commander of the Alliance forces named by him to command the Alliance armies and make the plans for the war plans against the Horde what are the decisions you would have made and the strategy and tactics you would have adopted against the Horde ?

Where would you have chosen to send troops to ? What members and territories of the Horde would you have targeted in priority ? What weapons and technological or magic innovations would you have chosen to promote and use massively ? What styles of war would you prefer ? And what potential new allies would you have sought to recruit other than those already chosen during BFA ?

Would you have made a cautious and patient strategy to wear the Horde down or would you have taken an aggressive and ambitious strategy, or would it have been a mix of both ?

I think that one of my first decisions would have been to task the best gnome alchemists to find a cure and counters to the Forsaken blights and other biological weapons, and to have them create some new means of intelligence, assassination and transports.

Also instead of sending immediatly the Alliance troops to the Undercity I would have had chosen to take more of Lordaeron keys cities and settlements such as Soutshore, Tarren Mill, Bulwark and Andorhal before aiming for the Undercity to reduce the Forsaken and Horde forces and strongholds and get a more decisive hold on Lordaeron.

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I would have asked the Night Elves to be more patient and to take more time to rally their ancestral allies and the Furbolgs tribes and play the guerilla card to make the Horde's life impossible in their territories and cut their supply lines before making a huge counter-offensive to drive them out. I would also have ordered the Draenei and Lightforged to help them with mages, constructs and their tech, and to have them train more NE in the ways of the Mage and Paladdin.

And I would have tried also to play on the lack of ressources of Durotar and to try making a blocus and other measures to prevent as many ressources as possible from reaching Orgrimmar and the orc lands to provoke as much economic, logistics and starvation problems to them as possible and force them to take some desesperate actions so the alliance forces could set ambushes for them.

Something else I would have tried would have been to try recruiting the Vrykuls of Stormhein as allies given the lack of presence of the Alliance in the Broken Islands and the Vrykuls' formidable strength and endurance which would be a nice boost in the Alliance armies much like the Worgens, and the fact that the Vrykuls have no reason to be fond of Sylvanas and the Forsaken for having tried to enslave Eyir with Helya's help.

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Also I would have tried to put much more pressure on the Horde territories such as Durotar or the Barrens by ordering the building of bases and landing of troops in Dustwallow March where Theramore and its bases were, and in Northwatch Hold.


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