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Whats an aspect of the “new lore” that confuses you?

TL;DR What are some aspects of WoW's newer lore that still confuses you? How can we explain it? Is it even worth trying? Or should we just accept that we're effectively in a new universe?

As the title says, I'm curious about certain aspects of wow's newer lore, particularly the things that directly contradict what we THOUGHT we knew about the universe.

I was an avid rper in WoW until a couple years ago when Chronicle came out. In my opinion, it just changed so many core aspects of the lore that I kind of stopped caring about it. Still, every now and then I poke my head back in just to catch up on the lore. It only seems to have gotten more confusing.

Obviously, Warcraft is no stranger to retcons, but the core worldbuilding was pretty stable between WC3 until around Legion. I feel like the "cosmic forces" introduced in Chronicle really threw everything off the rails, at least for me.

But if I had to narrow down the things that make me scratch my head, it would have to be the new lore on Arcane magic, and how its portrayed as a force of order and the opposite of Fel magic.

Arcane magic was portrayed as chaotic from the RTS games until at least Legion. It was actually a core part of the lore. Originally, it was described as pure magic from the Nether, with Fel being Arcane in its purest form. This is expanded upon in the now non-canon WoW RPG, but playing WoW classic makes it very clear that the magic lore was intended to be canon.

This is why Archimonde mocks Dalaran for "stealing our fire", its the original reason why demons are attracted to the arcane (they're sustained by it), it's why Dalaran kept getting attacked by demons and why the Guardians Of Tirisfal formed, its why various arcane themed bosses are chaotic in nature (Anomalous, for example), and why its described as being addictive and mutagenic. Its why mages were described in vanilla wow as drawing their powers from the nether.

The arcane makes no sense as a force of order. Its just a lazy retcon so they could establish this new "cosmic force" nonsense. Maybe they just dont have the nuance to explain why titans utilize it as well? It just contradicts so many aspects of classic wow lore that its hard to rationalize.

Even the wowpedia article borders on nonsense at this point, waffling between describing it as volatile, unstable, orderly, or simply as pure magic (which begs the question of what magic even IS now in this post cosmic force lore).

Speaking of which, I also find myself wondering exactly what separates these cosmic forces aside from aesthetics.

Death seems pretty lively, and more centered on domination than the act of not being alive (what does death even mean aside from existing in the shadowlands)? How is UNdeath a force of death? Isnt it a middle ground between life and death? If necromancy is simply death magic, then why are so many of its spells disease-based? Diseases are living things. Death magic literally creates life.

Life seems pretty deadly if you consider Elune as a life goddess (in the old lore she wasnt solely tied to any of these forces since they werent so rigid beforehand). Maybe they should've named it "nature" instead? Life just feels too specific and limiting.

Light just seems just as intent on domination as Death, but its glowy instead of spooky? It seems to leave things pretty lifeless as well when its overused. Void seems pretty chaotic, and I'm pretty sure there are old gods of chaos (c'thun) and Death (Yog) unless thats been retconned.

Most of the forces seem to want roughly the same thing (domination) in slightly different ways, making them feel less like primal, fundamental forces and more like petty warring states with different colored flags. And that's ignoring just how much of this contradicts the lore as presented in vanilla.

So what are some aspects of the "new" lore that still confuses you? How do you explain these changes in universe? Were our characters simply misinformed? How do you make sense of the cosmic forces, their powers, and their motivations? How do we explain the Jailer and his influence on the story since the formation of the legion all the way to warcraft 3? How did no one catch onto this millennia-long cosmic scheme?


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