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Why are all the feral tank BiS lists wrong?

Content of the article: "Why are all the feral tank BiS lists wrong?"

Kind of a baity title,

but some background:

First off, I'm a feral druid. I'm not my guild's MT, but I do MT often. Ever since mid to late BWL, I've noticed a trend among bearals on my server where their tanking sets are trending closer and closer to what are generally considered BiS kitty sets.

For instance, almost every bearal in the top 10-15 raiding guilds are wearing Foror's Eyepatch, instead of say, Blooddrenched Mask, Ony Tooth pendant or Prestor's instead of Master Dragonslayer's Medallion or Steadfast Might.

And perhaps even more telling, they're all either wearing Draconic Mauls instead of Warden Staffs or Unyielding Mauls. In fact, I've heard one say that "Warden Staff is a meme", compared to Unyielding Maul, since Elemental Sharpening Stones can be applied to the maul (Warden Staff is too low level). And of course for serious threat fights like Vael, an MCP is the weapon of choice.

I've tried some of these sets and found great success with them so far. I've started to maintain two sets:

  • A super heavy set that focuses on 9% hit, and then maximum dodge, max HP and then maximum armor last.
    With this set, I get around 11,000 armor, 18% dodge, 6,500 HP with 9% hit, unbuffed (fully buffed, getting about 13,500 armor before priest inspiration buff, and 11,500 HP, 22% dodge or so, pre-AQ gear.
  • A threat set that focuses on 9% hit, and then maximum attack power (strength preferred for scaling, then raw AP when necessary) and crit, without going lower than 9,000 armor.
    With this set, I get 9,000 armor, 6,000 HP, 9% hit, 30% crit, and 1000 AP without buffs (and with buffs, around 11,000 armor, 9,000 HP, 9% hit, 18% dodge, 45% crit, 1,500 AP).
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These are estimates, it's been changing as I get gear out of AQ, but the ballparks give a decent picture.

In summary, the super heavy set is maximum avoidance and health, and does about 25-30% less damage than my threat set. But in my threat set, I've tanked nearly every boss in the game (including Ragnaros, instead of wearing FR, and Chromaggus, and now even Twin Emps and Ouro for some time).

While my threat set is squishier, it seems that the pool of health and avoidance/mitigation is still enough to give our healers the space they need to heal me through some pretty slappy bosses.

So back to the question:

Is this style of bear tanking popular outside my server? And if so, why do none of the lists represent it?

My super heavy set as above very closely resembles the lists on the Classic List, Icy Veins, Taladril's and Wowhead (with some minor swaps for the loot I have or don't have, but basically the same).

While my bearal set almost looks like a kitty BiS with an Elementium Threaded Cloak.

And for reference, when I'm equally buffed in my bearal tank set, I have no difficulty keeping up with the two of our Thunderfury Fury/Prot tanks, even though I only have one point in Feral Instinct (1/5 pts, +3% threat). It's especially easy now that I have the Idol of Brutality. This is true, even if I'm OT and not taking damage for rage gen — I can keep up with all but one TF tank even then.

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If I employ an MCP, I can easily eclipse any of our TF tanks, even as an OT.

tl;dr where is the feral threat-focused tanking BiS list?


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