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Why did the Jailer let Sylvanas break the helm? Why are they stil BFF?

Ok. So I understand that Sylvanas is obsessed with free will. I get her history. I understand she tried to kill herself and met the Jailer in the Shadowlands. She made a deal with him. BFA happens and her goal is to deliver as many souls as possible to the Maw.

Question #1: What did Sylvanas get out of this deal? A free get-out-of-jail-card? Was she offered a position next to the Jailer? I cannot image her being the Nathanos to the Jailer. So off to the next musings…

Nathanos does a suicide-by-night-warrior. His goal is to be with Sylvanas again. So I guess Sylvanas and Nathanos are plotting to take over the position of the Jailer. So Jailer, beware. Since the Jailer is a smart guy, it would be logically to assume that he doesn't trust Sylvanas. Cool that she was willing to start the fourth war to deliver souls, but Jailer must realise she has her own agenda. So that brings me to the next question.

Question #2: Why did the Jailer let Sylvanas break the helm? And why are they still on friendly terms?

By breaking the helm, Sylvanas broke the system. The Jailer must have noticed by now that there are mortals walking around in the Maw, mortals that are able to get in and out at will. But wait, you will say, the shattering of the veil was the start of turning Azeroth in a second Maw. But if you ask me, the Jailer and his army is simply not prepared for that. It's like Germany planning to invade Britain while the allied forces have already secured a foothold on the beaches in France. How is breaking the helm part of the Jailers grand plan?

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My conclusion: The Jailer was only starting to regain dominance in the Shadowlands. This is not going well, the different worlds were a bit in disarray, but there is unity now. Divide and conquer has not been successful. Shattering the veil has happened too early. This only serves Sylvanas' agenda at this time. Therefore the Jailer should have kicked Sylvanas out of his castle after she did this, because she poses a huge threat to him now. Jailer should have secured his internal goals first, before opening a way to Azeroth.

Ok. Shattering the veil made it possible to abduct the leaders, mindcontrol Anduin and use him as a pawn. But for what? What great plan is puppet-Anduin going to serve and why could't that wait until after the moment that the Jailer was absolute lord and master over the Shadowlands?


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