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Why do Demon Hunters not wear armor/ a shirt?

Is there an actual reason for this in the lore?
I know that in-game Demon Hunters can wear gear and all that but I think that the lore and in-game differs a bit and I think we can all agree that the general depiction of them lore-wise is shirtless just wearing some pants.
I mean lore-wise what players wear in the game doesn't hold up long.

I see a ton of complaining about characters like Whitemane or about how Sylvanas and Jaina used to show midriff.
Including threads about it here sometimes, I mean I dunno why people would just assume that religions in WoW are direct equivelants of ultra Conservative religious people and values irl.
The fact that they have respected women leaders and fighters and that they're considered normal altogether contradicts that it's just a weird assumption.
And as opposed to Sylvanas and Jaina the countless men ( leaders included ) who are allergic to shirts and armor also tend to be frontline fighters.

Rule of cool and all that, and I do adhere to that I don't care if something is '' realistic '' etc unless the work of fiction actually tries to be.
But the thing is that the Demon Hunters seem to be more systematically unarmored and shirtless if that makes sense.
It's not like an individual choice that someone makes, it seems to basically be a cultural thing?
And I mean if people want to argue about realism and lore which they usually do when they nitpick about the other characters showing skin, then I think that '' to show the tattoos '' is a pretty weak argument and explanation.
I somehow doubt that people fighting on the frontlines would care more about showing their tribal tattoos than their own life.

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Demon Hunters are definitely not the only ones, Warcraft is basically '' World of Shirtallergies '' but there just seems to be more of a system behind it with them.
Like at least with rogues for example they're sneaky fighters so clanking around in armor makes no sense and if people want to discuss revealing clothes then seduction and distraction I think are valid reasons both thematically and lore-wise and mage users have magic shields ( the way they operate in The Witcher's society at court makes a ton of sense too imo, but I dunno if that applies to Warcraft ).

The one reason I can kinda see thematically is also another reason why I think mages and rogues not wearing armor makes some sense too.
People are right that armor isn't as heavy and limiting as we often see in fantasy, but people often conflate '' not as limiting '' with '' not limiting at all ''.
Armor was absolutely limiting and people did choose to wear less of it in some contexts, and heat exhaustion was a massive issue the more you wore and was a very common cause of death in battle.
It was just as much a fight against the enemy as a fight against the clock.
A mage who's a bookworm casting exhausting spells, not practiced wearing and getting used to armor and isn't at the phyiscal level of a Knight would probably collapse fairly quickly.
Altho that's not rly a reason for Demon Hunters.

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Altho I somewhat doubt that's the real reason behind it lore-wise in Warcaft and I still question it.
It's not exactly like armor is treated realistically in Warcraft.


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