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Why does the Alliance have overwhelming numbers compared to the Horde?

I understand that the Horde races should basically be on the verge of extinction (even if they aren't shown to be that way except when convenient), but the Alliance should be in a similar boat, right? With the exception of the Dwarves and MAYBE the Night Elves every Alliance race should be on their last legs by the start of Vanilla WoW.

Going through the list: Humans Stormwind razed to the ground in the 1st War, mass casualties, some managed to flee north via boat (just in time to be ravaged by the Scourge, yay!)

Stromgarde in shambles from a variety of factors including the Second War and the Scourge, on the cusp of total destruction at the hands of bandits and ogres.

Alterac was purged by the Alliance for their betrayal in the Second War, survivors are now bandits under the banner of the Syndicate.

Kul Tiras left the Alliance after the death of Admiral Proudmore and their Navy's defeat. Probabaly the best off human kingdom by far, but not totally unscathed.

Dalaran was completely destroyed in 3rd War.

Gilneas is dealing with the Curse of the Worgen at this time and we know how this turns out (not great for most).

And finally big daddy Lordaeron is a kingdom of the Undead with the vast majority of their population wiped out and subsequently raised.

But Stormwind was rebuilt a few years ago, apparently, which is all well and good, but where did this massive number of limitless human bodies come from? They just popped out of thin air and yet no one seems to care, instead focusing on the equally absurd Horde numbers. But whatever their are more races to discuss.

Dwarves Three Kingdoms eternally murdering each other isn't generally good for overall population numbers but they more or less held off the orc tide during the Second War and easily repelled their meager attempts at taking Ironforge. Horde never even bothered with the Dark Iron. It's not clear why the Scourge left the Dwarves alone but they seemingly did so I can understand a relatively strong Dwarf population, but only in comparison to how everyone else is literally nearly extinct. Regardless, they are not the one's depicted with a massive army. They just tack on support to predominatly Human armies.

Gnomes One city, its completely wrecked. Not great for their population to say the least. The dwarves can easily accomadate their entire race in a part of Ironforge which paints a grim picture of their population numbers.

Night Elves A powerful faction that unfortunately just bore the brunt of the Legion's assault on Azeroth which might've taken a toll on them… Or might not have. Getting a read on their population is difficult as they seemingly have as many bodies as they need like every other race in the game, but they somehow feel even more inconsistent. I feel like they should be up their with dwarves but its equally likely that they are not. Based on depiction, they are outnumbered by the Horde on Kalimdor but that trend didn't come about until AFTER vanilla wow. Before that they were a match for the combined might of the Horde and Alliance's Kalimdor expeditions. To me they are a giant question mark (much like the Tauren who are just kinda spread out across Kalimdor with no explanation as to their scope. Were they all being destroyed by Centaur or just the Bloodhoof tribe?)

So at the start of Vanilla, the Alliance seem to be in a better position than the Horde but not unreasonably so largely off the back of Dwarves. How, then, did they expand their numbers so quickly as to vastly outnumber the Horde? Their new additions are Draenei in TBC (one ship's worth not counting the crash victims) and Worgen in Cata (an absurdly small number of Gilnean survivors). Then their allied races are the Dark Iron dwarves (the biggest boon), Void Elves (an extremely small subset of an already dying population), and Light Forged Draenei (who's population is uncertain, but they've been fighting for 1000 years so…) Compare them to the Horde additions of an entire Cartel of Goblins, even more Tauren, an indeterminate number of Mag'har and most importantly the Nightborne of Suramar and it seems like the Horde should outnumber the Alliance if anything.

But that is clearly not shown to be the case and everyone just seems to go along with it like it is entirely reasonable that the Alliance (specifically HUMANS) has a numbers edge. And they are not all Kul'tiran humans either, who only recently rejoined the Alliance and should be more or less equalled by the Zandalari. No, we're talking the boys in blue repping the Golden Lion. Where are they coming from??


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