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Why the wait for 30 minute meta is stupid, now with math

Content of the article: "Why the wait for 30 minute meta is stupid, now with math"

So if you're on horde, you know about the current meta of waiting for Alterac Valley to hit 30 minutes to finish. I have been playing a lot this AV weekend and have gathered some numbers. If they don't match what you guys are seeing, please let me know.

My average game yields 8500 honor, has a queue of 1 hour and 15 minutes, and we spend 7 minutes dicking around waiting to finish, usually finishing at 31 or 32 minutes instead of 30.

Now let's look at this. Now obviously there are outlier games, but the vast majority of games are these 30 minute 1 sided affairs. So the average queue being 1 hr 15 minutes is, essentially, 2.5x a match length.

On average, horde wastes 7 minutes waiting to kill Vann for the 600 honor bonus. If we STOPPED doing this as a collective, game queues would reflect this. If each match length is shortened, the 2.5x length of the queue will reflect this new shorter time. Let's crunch the numbers assuming this directly translates (it won't, but it highlights the effect). Assuming we now end games at 23 minutes, and each queue is reduced by 7 minutes * 2.5, that comes to 17.5minutes, which I'll round down to 17. Queue is now 58 minutes, game is 23.

8500 honor / 1 hr 45 minutes = 80.95 honor per minute

7900 honor / 1 hr 21 minutes = 97.53 honor per minute

Correct me if I'm wrong, but we're shooting ourselves in the foot trying to get more honor waiting for that bonus. If it comes naturally, hooray. NEVER. I repeat, NEVER, stop progression just to attain it.

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Edit : A reply I got tired of reiterating.

If you're only playing 1 game / day, 600 honor isn't going to mean much, as your rank is going to be low anyways.

Let's say you are playing 1 match a day, this change nets you a loss of 600 honor per game. However, if just once in 2 weeks, this change results in you being able to squeeze in a second game you still benefit from this change. (600 * 14 = 8400, 1 game earns 7900, so 13 days technically)

So the only way you DON'T benefit is if you're playing 1 game a day, every day, for 2 weeks straight. And again, your rank is going to suck anyways, what difference is 600 honor per game?


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