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World First – MC Full Paladin only (40/40) – No Wipe – EU/FR Sulfuron (Official server, not PTR)

Content of the article: "World First – MC Full Paladin only (40/40) – No Wipe – EU/FR Sulfuron (Official server, not PTR)"

We did that in order to give hope to the Paladins of the world.

Uther can be proud of us, Paladins of the World

You should be happy this has been done by French, as you know, Paladins first reference is connected to… Charlemagne, the founder of the French kingdom, the first empire of Europe. Paladin comes from the Latin "Palatinus", the Guardian of the Temple, in that case, the elite bodyguards of Charlemagne.

The hammer, also omnipresent in the Paladins lore, come directly from the grandfather of Charlemagne, Charles Martel, which means Charles the Hammer. (I know that's a lot of Charles)

Why this name? Because the Arabs (the horde in the lore) attempted to invade Europe, and have been stopped by this Hammer Charles, who was extremely violent in his way of dealing with problems. He burned entire French villages and took all the resources so that the Horde don't use them against its army.France didn't exist at that time, nor UK. It was a mix of personally owned land by local Lords or villages, but he became the most important person in Europe, by his strategies, his ability to unite, and the fact that he destroyed the most dangerous and powerful army (the Horde). Hence why he established the first Kingdom of Europe and created the concept of trained army instead of using militiaman.

His Retribution was so violent towards the Horde, that they called him Martel (means the one who Hammer something) and it was the end of the expansion of Arabs in the world!

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Of course the church immediately blessed and praised Charlemagne and his descendants (all Europe was split between his three sons, hence why German, French and English look the same) and the Paladins were a mix between the best warriors and the legend who wants them to be the protector of Justice and Kingdom (the civilization versus the savage).

We can recap the whole event in three images:

A minute of silence please, praying Uther before going to Crusade. With Mevanwy (Karakachou) in the front. He organized this Holy event

Paloufdeouf finishing the fight by launching his Holy Hammer to Ragnaros's face (which is funny because it's Ragnaros Mace, Sulfuras, so it's a kind of suicide…)

Meditating in Lordaeron (not Undercity) before taking it back

Here are all the link you need to know:




Paladins on Wikipedia

Any support on YouTube and Twitch is a Light in our Paladin's heart !


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