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World of Warcraft: Eternal


Let me preface this by saying there is probably slim to no chance of the following ever occurring, let alone modern Blizzard being able to execute the classic feel in new content. This is purely meant to be a fun discussion fantasizing about the most ideal version of something important to all of us.

Every wow fan knows we have traveled a winding and rocky path, especially in the last couple years. Whether it’s due to a divide between the fanbase over Retail’s direction, Retail vs Classic, Actiblizzard’s actions and attitude, or Actiblizzard vs content creators. This isn’t meant to be an extremely serious post, it is more so a fun idea based on both emotion and educated guesses.


World of Warcraft: Eternal, a “classic plus” experience aimed at being the most definitive and permanent version of World of Warcraft, incorporating ideals from Old School Runescape (new, divergent content with more community say) and Path of Exile (temporary seasons with new mechanics and features in addition to permanent servers).


From the TBC game code, there would be just the two continents (Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor). Different from Vanilla, this would mainly give us level 70 cap, TBC talents and moves, and arena. Class balance would be evaluated, adjusted, and balanced over time alongside the new content.


Outlands and flying mounts would not exist at all (please bear with me here). Azeroth would be comprised of Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Continuing from the 1-60 World of Warcraft experience, 60-70 would entail some or all of the following zones. Any new content would conform to classic’s feel (nothing like island expeditions or follower missions). u/ChromedDragon expertly idealized new possibilities of added zones to Azeroth. Check out at least a few of these amazing sketches.

  • wildahmmer highlands:
  • Blackened Marches and The Headland:
  • Ship's End Cove:
  • Savage Coast:
  • Northern Lordaeron:
  • Verdant Breach:
  • uldum:
  • Bloodsail bay:
  • The Veiled Strand:
  • Gilneas:
  • Switwatercliffs:

These zones would provide new 60-70 leveling content, dungeons, and max level raids (released in phases).

Fixes and adjustments

We would need fixes and adjustments for the main elephants in the room such as botting, AOE and/or dungeon spamming for leveling, and world buffs. I’m not going to go into details for these changes, but I just wanted to note that these could be updated in the most favorable direction of the community.

Path of Exile style seasons

World of Warcraft is clearly a game that people can love and play for years or even decades. It has a graphical style that has barely changed fundamentally over time so it clearly works. If you just add the above content, people may have their time filled for another couple years, but once everything has been experienced and maxed out, we will be in the exact same position now. This is where seasonal servers come in.

After the final new content phase is released at the level 70, World of Warcraft enters a Path of Exile style seasonal system. During a fixed period of time, fresh, temporary level 1 servers are opened up with modified rules. Primarily, we have increased leveling rates and temporary mechanics that fall under the current season’s theme. If Classic is roughly 8 days (192 hours) average from 1-60 (this is a guess), I’m imagining seasonal 1-70 would be something like 72 hours. Live leaderboards track world and server firsts for class levels, dungeons, raids, arena and battleground ratings etc.

At the end of the season, characters and items would be able to migrate over to the permanent servers.

Any themed mechanics and new seasonal features that are discovered to be loved by the community, would be potentially added to the permanent servers (Eternal aspect) of World of Warcraft.

Permanent servers will likely have a pretty wild economy over time from increased items/money from seasons, and this is how it is in Path of Exile. However, after experiencing all the main game enough, people shift towards mostly caring about the seasons with new features since they've already completely experienced the game on their main character. You can still always go back and revisit your character if you want.


I would love to hear your thoughts or any additional ideas that revolve around the notion of an eternal World of Warcraft. It's exciting to think about details regarding seasonal features, preferred mechanics, etc., but I just wanted to get the main overview out there.


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