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World of Warcraft Private Server List

Greetings everyone! We have been silently paying attention and heard calls for better curation and selection of private servers which people deemed as go-to selections for each expansion and while at first we decided to let the community manage and maintain this itself we see now that this is becoming neglected and decided to intervene.

Down below you will see a thought over and curated selection of servers, the ones that are recommended often by the community itself and/or have what we feel has a stable playerbase. Enough where people will feel like they are not wasting their time playing on either a low population effectively a dead/dying server. We have listed all servers from the most nostalgic to the most modern versions of World of Warcraft private servers so you can pick based on what you are interested in.

Lastly we are committed to keeping this list up to date and will regularly update when any new ones that appear and have a strong following and to keep tabs on the already listed servers to make sure they are still a viable choice. If we have forgotten anything please let us know, contact us via mod mail or DM us.

Server NameXp rates/ExpansionRealm typeProgression status and typePrimary LanguageSecondary LanguageURL Link
Vanilla Wow
Darrowshire1xPvPProgressingEnglishHome page
Elysium1xPvPProgressedEnglishHome page
Hyjal1xPvPProgressing (1.2)EnglishHome page
Kalidar1xPvPProgressingEnglishDiscord link
Nostalgeek1xPvPProgressedFrenchHome page
RetroWoWInstant 60PvPProgressedEnglishHome page
Twinstar (Kronos)1xPvPProgressedEnglishCzechHome page
VanillaGaming1x, 15xPvPProgressedEnglishHome page
The Burning Crusade
Atlantiss (Karazhan)2x 1-58 1x 1-70PvPProgressing, Progression through expansionEnglishHome page
Atlantis (Netherwing)Instant 58, 3x (1-58; via donation), 1x/2x(1-70; no donation)PvPProgressedEnglishHome page
Endless5xPvPProgressingEnglishHome page
Light's Vengence1-4x 1-58 with instant boost to 58 option available, 1x 58-70PvEProgressingEnglishHome page
The Geek Crusade1xPvPProgressedFrenchHome page
Precision1x default (adjustable by player)PvPProgressingEnglishHome page
Project Entropius2xPvPEnglishHome page
SmolderforgeInstant 70PvP OnlyEnglishHome page
Sunwell (Nightbane)2x (1-55), 1x(55+)PvPProgressedEnglishPolishHome page
Wrath of The Lich King
ChromieCraft1xRP-PvEProgressingEnglishHome page
Dalaran-WoW1xPvPProgressedEnglishHome page
EverFresh10x 1-68, 5x 69-80PvPProgressing, Season resetEnglishHome page
NorthrendInstant 80PvE/PvPProgressedEnglishHome page
Tauri WoW (Crystalsong)1-7x(Changeable by user)PvPProgressing, Progression through expansionHungarianEnglishHome page
TrueWoW1-3x(Changeable by user)PvEProgressedEnglishHome page
Sunwell (Angrathar)2xPvPProgressedEnglishPolishHome page
Sunwell (Frosthold)3x 1-68, 2x 68-80PvPProgressedEnglishPolishHome page
VirtusInstant 80PvPEnglishHome page
Warmane (Blackrock)Instant 80PvP ArenaEnglishHome page
Warmane (Frostmourne)0.5x, 1x, 3x, 5x, 7xPvPProgressing, Seasonal resetEnglishHome page
Warmane (Icecrown)0.5x, 1x, 3x, 5x, 7xPvPProgressedEnglishHome page
Warmane (Lordaeron)0.5x, 1xPvPProgressedEnglishHome page
Whitemane5xPvPProgressingEnglishHome page
Wowcircle1x/100xPve/PvPRussianEnglishHome page
WoW Mania2xPvEEnglishHome page
WoWPortal5x, 10x via donationPvEProgessiveEnglishHome page
Firestorm (Deathwing)5xPvEEnglishHome page
Twinstar (Apollo)1xPvPEnglishCzechHome page
Twinstar (Apollo II)3xPvPEnglishCzechHome page
Wowcircle5xPvPRussianEnglishHome page
WoW-Reign1x/2xPvPEnglishHome page
Mists of Pandaria
Firestorm (Garrosh)5xPvEEnglishHome page
Tauri WoW1x, 2x, 15xPvP/PvEProgressed, Progression through expansionHungarianEnglishHome page
Warmane (Frostwolf)7xPvPProgressedEnglishHome page
Warlords of Draenor
Firestorm (Gul'dan5xPvPEnglishHome page
Firestorm (Sylvanas)3xPvEEnglishHome page
Wowcircle4xPvPRussianEnglishHome page
Battle for Azeroth
Firestorm (Sethraliss)3xPvEEnglishHome page
WoW Freakz10x/3xPvPEnglishRomanianHome page
Custom Non-blizzlike Servers
Epsilon WoWBfARP WorldbuildingEnglishHome page
Heroes WoWMoPCustomEnglishHome page
Paragon WoWBfAHeavy RP/Dynamic WorldProgressingEnglishHome page
Shinobi StoryWoTLKPvP CustomEnglishHome page
Project AscensionWoTLKCustomEnglishHome page
RP HeavenLegionGM ServerEnglishHome page
TBC 5 ManInstant 70 TBCCustomEnglishHome page
Turtle WoWVanillaRPPvEEnglishHome page
VanillaPlusVanillaPvP Custom re-balanced classes + New boss mechanicsEnglishHome page


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