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World of Warcraft servers in Brazil are suffering from emptying and transfers to US servers due to lack of players

Content of the article: "World of Warcraft servers in Brazil are suffering from emptying and transfers to US servers due to lack of players"

It is time for Blizzard to unify Gallywix, Goldrinn, Nemesis and Tol'Barad.

Blizzard has been uniting several servers, but apparently forgot about Brazil, where we have a very old agenda in favor of unification.

In Brazil, we have only five servers. Of these, only Azralon has a healthy population, and it's Horde-exclusively.

Alliance players are spread out among the other four servers. This means that, nowadays, due to the population difference, or you do content in the Azralon Horde or switch to a US server to do it in the Alliance side. It is impossible to make content on the four servers. In addition to the lack of players for Raids, this also has a negative impact on the game's economy, where several items cannot be found in Auction Houses, and others are leaning for months.

Of the 50 top guilds in WoWProgess, only 6 are among these four servers, the others 44 are in Azralon; it means forty-four Horde guilds and only six Alliance guilds, in all Brazilian servers.

The Azralon only population is 20% larger than all the other four servers TOGETHER.

We have created an online petition and an infographic to help to spread this idea, but unfortunately Blizzard is not listening to us. Currently, our petition (which started in August, 21st) has a little bit over 2.800 signatures. We want to be heard!

With the unification of the servers, everyone wins: PVP players will find it easier to join guilds with common goals and organize groups; it will be possible to raid in the Alliance; the horde will have more competitiveness in the PVE and, mainly; the community will be strengthened with more people being able to play together. Brazilians will stay on Brazilian servers instead of migrating to US servers.

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Blizzard, please help Brazilian players (mainly from Aliance) to continue playing together.

It is incredibly sad to see so many players abandoning their own realms to move to Stormrage, Illidan, and so many other NA realms, because they can’t do any content with their preferred faction.


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