World of Warcraft (WoW)

WoTLK Casually, a casual raiding server with friends.

Hi redditors,

I'll be honest and admit that I'm a player on this server that wants to help spread the good word about this little project I've stumbled across. The owner/dev of this project has only released it through word of mouth. For us that has been a blessing.

After playing here for around 10 days, I've had a lot of good things to say about this project.

  1. It offers every type of quality of life improvement to all the other blizzlike projects out there (read Pros below).
  2. The server never crashed since I've played here (from launch) and has been running consistently. The host is somewhere in Germany. I hover around 120ms when connecting from USA, and players in Europe stay around 20-40ms.
  3. Updates and restart daily, with changelogs posted on their discord
  4. Scaling is tuned so that heroics are challenging to say the least. 10/25 normals are doable with starter gear. For example, you're not jumping into RS25 heroic with just ToC gear.
  5. There's no custom or modified items like other private servers. There's not even a webshop or P2W service at all. The only currency ingame is gold, and the website only serves as an account registration platform and a news update, nothing more.
  6. All in all, it's tailored to raiding casually and not wasting time on annoyances found elsewhere.

As a player, there are some Pros about the server that I find extremely welcoming:

  • Raid/dungeon scaling starts from 1 player onwards. You can attempt things solo or team up.
  • Server uses the latest AzerothCore updates and thus far, I haven't ran into any bugged or missing mechanics in either ToGC or ICC. Faction Champs are still horrible, Saurfang is still a DPS race, and Blood Queen will still force you to direct your bites.
  • In-raid instance changing difficulty option is available! Don't have enough DPS for Saurfang? Can't get past Professor Putricide on heroic mode? Swap to normal difficulty and move on! Proof1
  • Instant level 80, with generous starter Naxx/Ulduar Gear and trinkets available. The staff wants you to smoothen your transition into ToC/ICC. Proof1 Proof2 Proof3
  • Leveling professions to 450 take less than a minute. They level through grey ranked skills and materials for said skill is available through the supplies NPC. You don't have to waste time working on professions before raiding. Proof1
  • All Epic Gems are sold for free, waste no time asking people to craft you a desired gem. Proof1
  • All Enchants are provided for free. Proof1
  • All Flasks and Potions are sold for gold at the Alchemy NPC. If you're a cheapskate like me, you can even craft them yourself. Proof1 Proof2
  • Weekly raids quests are turned into dailies, and every single one is available, with boosted gold rewards. Proof1 Proof2
  • Similar to weekly raids, heroic dungeon quests have boosted gold rewards, and additional Emblems of Frost for quicker gearing. Proof1 Proof2
  • Teleporter NPCs are available in Dalaran to save you travel time. Never have to fly to a raid/dungeon or any zone. Proof1
  • Class reagents, 24-slot bags, arrows, etc are sold by a Reagents vendor, and can stack to 200 (with arrows stacking to a million) to save bag space. Proof1 Proof2
  • Reset instances for free! Never worry about broken equipment! Don't waste time waiting for long cooldowns like Rebirth or Bloodlust. At the entrance to each dungeon/raid are two NPCs that either reset instances (for free) or provide quality of life services (repair, remove sickness, reset cooldown).
  • Flasks and most consumables stack to 200 to save space. Proof1
  • Daily Cooking Awards and Dalaran JC Tokens are available for gold. Don't waste time doing the dailies.
  • Since instance resets are free, raid locks are extended to 30 days to save progress on IDs you want to keep.
  • Free Emblems transfer between characters on the same account, at no cost. Have a character you want to gear up quickly? Use the NPC to send your Emblems of Frost! Proof1
  • Transmog NPC if you care
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One last thing I'll point out is that this project has a small community. We have no tolerance for trolls, and have great respect for first time players that are using this place to learn raiding mechanics. Since people here seem to care about numbers online, peak count was around 25 (that I've seen) and lows go to around 3-5. Note, the server has only been available for 11 days and these are the same people that log in every day consistently, still pushing heroic ICC and RS.

If you're interested,


Just another player.


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