World of Warcraft (WoW)

Would anyone really mind if we fixed world buff AP for hunters?

AP bonuses from many important buffs, like Rallying Call and Fengus' Ferocity, is melee ap only despite the tooltip saying just attack power (which should affect all AP).

I think it's pretty obvious that this is a bug – that is, unintended by the original dev team. As evidence to this, consider the Paladin Tier 3 six-piece bonus: Your Flash of Light and Holy Light spells have a chance to imbue your target with Holy Power.

The Holy Power buff does a different thing for every class. Healers get MP/5, casters get spell power, warriors get armor… and hunters and rogues get 140 attack power.

Melee attack power.

Which is to say, this 6 piece bonus which is supposed to get a special bonus to everyone, gives a special bonus to everyone but hunters for which it does basically nothing. If we assume that the original vanilla devs didn't have a particular raging hatred for hunters, it seems obvious that this is an oversight. But this is the EXACT SAME oversight that affects Rallying Call, Fengus' Ferocity, and several other attack power buffs.

I don't think it would be out of line for these examples to be fixed – and I think that the original vanilla devs would have done so if the world buff meta had been a thing back in those days. We already have precedent from the BG changes recently which in general have been well received.

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Note: I am only talking about abilities whose tooltips indicate that they should affect all attack power, not those abilities like Blessing of Might or Battle Shout which specifically include that they are melee only in the tooltip. I mean, it is completely unfair that hunters specifically are locked out of these massive buffs that have no real ranged counterparts (and BoM was changed in TBC to affect ranged attack power), but this is obviously intentional design and therefore shouldn't be changed.


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