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WoW Cinematics ranked! What do you prefer?

I was just thinking about this after playing through some old WoD content and rewatching the WoD cinematic…
How do you rank the WoW cinematics up to this point? And then I mean the "expansion cinematics". 🙂
My ranking is as follows

1: WotLk.
I admit, I am biased as fuck. The music score, the narration combined with the cold and epic visuals gives me chills every time! The song just hits right!

2: BFA.
Say whatever you want about BFA, that cinematic rocked.
The Horde vs Alliance. The build up. The "for the horde" and the "For the alliance". Faction pride at its most pulpable.
(Wish they had focused more on the Horde vs Alliance aspect and saved the old-god stuff for its own expansion, but whatever)

3: WoD.
A new style of more story focused cinematics. And honestly, it was glorious. A look back into the past, with a very clear twist. Followed by a remake of Grom's death scene from WC3, but with Garrosh Saving him. Glorious and bad-ass…. Wish WoD hadn't been so lacking in content tho :/

4: Cata
Honestly, Cataclysm has a VERY epic set up in its cinematic. Deathwing awakening and wrecking the world. Combined with a VERY well made narration that feels suitably threatening, and watching the world you adored break appart, it was really intense and really made you hyped.

5: MoP
A very strong cinematic, if a bit more focused on the humor. Watching a pandaren monk oblitirate two confused survivors of a naval battle is still amusing. With a very introspective speech overall. Not too complicated, but also very beautiful and an amazing reveal.

6: Legion.
this one is a bit weak for me. it shows off action and the events pre-landing at the broken shore. But the events in it wasn't "that" spectacular. It shows off Varian in a really cool way tho. And that is neat 🙂

7: TBC
Yeah, TBC's cinematic is (IMO) slightly better than Vanillas. Simply because of one thing. Narration. Sure, it isn't much. But Illidan's voice lines over really epmhasise the epicness about to come. Seeing Maraad stepping out of the shadows. Casting a spell and walking off. A blood elf draining a mana wyrm. It was really building up hype. Not much STORY per say, but that was the standard for the older ones.
Also #YouAreNotPrepared

8: Vanilla
A classic (pun intended). The original cinematic, showing off races, and some classes. I would sadly have to argue that the lack of narration and the VERY limited throughline does damage it quite a bit. It isn't really displaying a story or any end-goal. Just "here is a world, have fun" and yes, that works fine for Vanilla, but in comparison to others is it a bit weak.

9: Shadowlands.
WHILE The shadowlands cinematic as a cutscene is quite cool, showing an event and everything… is it… VERY weak as a cinematic. It doesn't explicitly show the expansion, or give any concrete nuanced story details that couldn't be shown in game.
It feels like an ingame story cinematic (like something in the vein of the Saurfang cinematics) rather than actually a hype piece for an expansion.
It didn't show anything of the shadowlands themselves… and rather just hung there, relatively… meh?
I dunno it was just the most dissapointing of the cinematics.

These are my rankings…
What are your opinion when it comes to WoW cinematics?


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