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WoW Classic Ironman/Traditional Challenge

hi r/classicwow i'm looking for input!

EDIT: I am aware of the pre-established Ironman challenge, and I've watched a few people attempt it. I was hoping this version to be more "traditional" and less restrictive (while still being immersive and maintaining many restrictions).

Influenced by Runescape and their ironman mode, I want to develop a similar challenge that emphasizes the RPG elements of WoW Classic. I am posting this to reddit for some criticism, and for others to help design and influence this challenge.

In today’s fast-paced meta orientated environment, we rush past or gloss over what drew us to playing wow classic in the first place. The goal of this challenge is to increase the immersion of the levelling process, while also adding some additional challenges.

This challenge uses the honor system. You must follow these rules on your own behalf. It is recommended you stream every time you play to generate community hype as well as supporting evidence for your achievements.

To succeed as an ironman, you have to take full advantage of all avenues provided to you.

  • Your professions are important. Many of the items you can craft with professions will be superior quality than those that drop.
    • Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid provide significant benefits.
  • Knowing where items drop as well as their drop rate is important. Wowhead and other forums are your friend.
  • Gold will be scarce. Saving for your mounts poses an actual challenge
  • Dungeons contain high level loot and great XP.
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  • You CANNOT trade with other players or use the mail system to send/receive items
  • You cannot use the auction house for any reason
  • You may only receive level appropriate help with dungeons and quests. Higher level characters cannot “boost” you
  • All items must be rolled for fairly. Your party cannot funnel gear to you.


  • All the rules above still apply, but if at any point you die (for any reason, sorry pvp servers!) you lose your hardcore status and become a regular ironman

These restrictions are designed to increase immersion and add difficulty to the levelling process. Quest rewards and drops become useful. Gold becomes much more scarce and important. You cannot “buy” an easier levelling experience with gold from your main.

Let me know what you guys think, or if there is any interest in starting a community discord or anything like that! I fully intend to start this myself once I receive some input, and am excited to stream this laid back immersive levelling experience.


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