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For anyone who doesn't know people mod a lot of older games to randomize certain aspects of them to add to their replayability. An example would be randomizing zelda a link to the past where each location that would normally contain a specific item contains a random one. Someone posted a thread yesterday asking about seasonal servers and how people would change the game to make it more interesting and I mostly jokingly suggested a randomizer. After thinking about it some more a wow classic randomizer would be fucking awesome.

Here's what I've got:

-6 month long seasons

-3x exp (sorry guys but the leveling experience isn't really the point here)

-Starts at phase 6

-All loot tables are unchanged (bosses still drop the same loot)

-All base stats on an item are unchanged (armor, str, ago, Stam, etc)

-All set bonuses are unchanged (too many class specific ones for it to be very interesting)

-All of the green text buffs(equip, use, chance on hit etc) on an item are randomized within certain level ranges and rarities (more on this later)

-All talent trees are randomized for each class with some restrictions (more on this later)

-Looking up/linking items based on their code is impossible until the item is "found" for the first time (can't just see all the epic items and find out which ones are going to make certain classes op day 1 level 1)

-Each server is randomized differently

-All randomized elements will appear exactly once (thrash blades extra hit chance will be on an item and only 1 item)

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As far as item stat randomization goes as far as I know an item can have up to 3 green text stats so the randomizer will pull 0 to 3 stats from the appropriate pool and slap them on the item. The pools will be based on item levels(cuz quest items with no level req) and rarities but I'm going to use level req to simplify the explanation. Buffs from items of the same rarities(legendaries will be with epics) will be pooled like this:

1 to 10

11 to 20

21 to 30

31 to 40

41 to 50

51 to 55

56 to 60

Let's use choker of the firelord as an example. Choker of the firelord has 7int 7 Stam and 34 spell damage. The 7 int and 7 stam will remain unchanged and the 34 spell damage will be gone. The randomizer will choose between 0 and 3 buffs from the 56 to 60 epic pool, it happens to be 2 and those 2 buffs are "chance on hit: wound the target for 200 to 220" from jekil's crusher and "increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 22" from lawbringer helm. Kind of a shit item but that's the point of randomizer you could have also got 3 weapon spellpower buffs for a neck with like 250 spell power. Every choker of the firelord will have these stats and those 2 specific buffs from those 2 items won't appear on any other item.

Talent randomization is meant to make everything more interesting. It will absolutely make some classes/specs insane while others are absolute garbage but that's not much different from wow now. All prerequisite talents will become unlinked the only prerequisite to learn a talent will be having enough points in that tree to reach the appropriate tier and as such the only limitation on the randomizing of talents will be that there must be enough talents of a given tree to reach the next. You couldn't, for example, have the mage tier 1 arcane tree contain pom, pyro, and ice barrier as it would be impossible to reach tier 2 with only 3 points spent in arcane. You could have pom, pyro, and arcane instability which would be insane and would let you reach tier 2 of arcane. Here's an example of a mages randomized talent trees:

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Basically there's 2 types of people who will like randomizer servers, people who just like to see the crazy stuff that happens as a result (huge dps, maybe some weird on use build, etc) and people who want to race to solve the new meta. There's no real way of knowing what classes will be strongest until you get to endgame and start discovering items. It's possible paladins become insane tanks due to a crazy talent randomization and weird items that fit them very well.

I'm sure I've missed some things that would need figured out but what do you guys think? Would you play a randomizer server?


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