World of Warcraft (WoW)

Wow player psychology is weird

I see people on wowhead forums all the time bitching about the game, when they clearly don't play it.

I'll give you a few examples, today, I saw a guy complaining that we have only been able to get 1 renown per week since November, so when patch 9.1 drops (probably in October or something lol rip) he doesn't want to have to wait from October until next year in August to unlock flying from his 1 renown a week. So he is thinking about unsubbing

Now to those of you who play the game, I probably don't have to tell you this, but we definitely get more than 1 renown per week.

Why the hell would someone do that?

Here is another one I saw last night in the maw. Someone was bitching that they have to farm so much goddamn stygia to unlock all their sockets with Ven'ari and that it was a required grind for player power. I checked their raider io score, it was fucking 0! CN 3/10 normal, ilvl 193. Instead of grinding sockets for a plus 16 haste gem, grind some gear you dumb fuck!

Another one I saw in the wowhead comments was someone bitching that they are changing the group finder tool for TBC (which they are literally just changing the fucking UI, not the actual functionality of the tool itself) saying that they are destroying the integrity of the game, and that he was definitely just going to stick with retail now.

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Followed that comment up with, I'm glad I never played TBC in the first place.

How in the fuck can you say the integrity of a game you have never fucking played is ruined, by a UI change?

Lastly, to all of the players, who are playing, but go on forums during the day when they can't play (like me) and bitch about how the loot system is fucked, covenants are stupid, class balance is terrible, everything they announced for 9.1 is shit, blizzard has no idea what they are doing etc etc

Why are you still paying for your sub then? Please…….stop. You are the same assholes who roll into a heroic dungeon to do a calling and start shitting on the ilvl 155 tank for pulling too small. We don't want you…get out.


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