World of Warcraft (WoW)

WoW really needs to give ways for people that didn’t play at the start of a patch find people to play with.

You can't join other keys, you need to do your own which takes a long time (spent 40-50 min for a +12 trying to find people for my own key, and if that failed, then it'd basically be an hour or more for absolutely nothing and i lose progress), you can't join raids because you don't have completion which everyone requires. In EU guilds seem to be very impersonal as every guild i've been to barely chats during non-raid times and has no interest to help a new random member.

Where can i find likely minded players that haven't done the raid before or finding people that are looking to gear themselves in mythic? Every mythic group i've played in disbands after 1 key, literally can't find a single group to play with for a 4-5 hour session, i will restate how literally no raid group allows people that don't have completion to join unless they over-gear in normal.

At this point in the game, i want to do stuff, but the game is designed to be played with other people which i literally can't find. I know i am very good at my dps role as i consistently score higher dps than people higher ilevel in dungeons and especially normal raid, so i know it isn't a matter of skill, but literally not finding people to play with.

I am even getting denied normal raids when i am ilvl 227, so the situation is literally pathetic right now, the game needs to allow random players to find each other.

edit: i understand making a group is supposedly the way, but i feel like the game should let people prove themselves much easier or at the very least give us a channel to find likeminded people. And right now i've been looking for people for a +12 and i am accepting people at my ilevel "227-230" and i am unable to fill it up for 40+ min. I'd rather fail a key and learn than to waste time.

edit: the most annoying thing people say in the comments "find a guild", like i haven't tried that. I will say it here, i've found guilds, they are not very active in chat or content they do in which i can participate it, and swapping guilds whenever i don't instantly get to do something is obviously not going to get me anywhere.

People say "find a guild" like i can just do it and get to play the game, when in reality i will just be a member and not be able to do shit with them, and swapping guilds before 1 agrees to do shit with me is basically waiting to be carried.

Communities are dead on EU (joined like 5 1k communities, 20 online at most and they average less than 1 msg a day) and group finder, as outlined in the most, is impossible for raids and not efficient for mythics (spending more time finding people and getting together than playing the game is not efficient gameplay). I really feel like there is some region gap and a lot of american players somehow have a different experience in the game than me, because joining a guild doesn't change anything or enable gameplay, besides the most geared people on the guild playing for 4-5 hours 1 day of the week.


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