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Wowhead’s founder on why Blizzard won’t ban bots !!!

Content of the article: "Wowhead’s founder on why Blizzard won’t ban bots !!!"

Just wanted to share this quite incredible post:

This is not a technical issue with Blizzard. This is a management decision to allow bots in the game. It is estimated that 20% of all WoW subscriptions are bots. This is due to interview material of large bot farmers who alone had 400k accounts, as well as extrapolating sales from the company that purchased Wowhead, Thottbot, etc.

For those not in the know, IGE purchased them, and they did $500 million a year in sales and were backed by Goldman Sachs, a company with 3 to 5 trillion USD in assets.

We know Blizzard purposefully allows bots because of one simple fact: 2 easy changes would decimate all bots, and Blizzard refuses to do so.

  1. The top 3 bot softwares require LUA Unlockers to function. A LUA Unlocker gives any WoW client access to GM-level client APIs . These APIs are "unlocked" now and enable add-ons to be created to fully automate game play. Blizzard could easily remove these APIs from the client but refuses to do so.

  2. Teleport hacking, used to farm minerals, instances, and raids, could be easily dealt with by monitoring excessive changes to player XYZ coordinates. Once detected, actions could be taken. Private servers do this simply and easily by database checks of character positioning changes. Blizzard refuses to implement this.

The above 2 changes are incredibly simple and low cost changes to implement. Blizzard refused to do so purposefully. They do so as these changes would cause a massive loss of revenue.

Instead, Blizzard has made pandering changes to give the appearance of caring. The instance lockout was strategically done to increase bot subscriptions and give a speaking point to make it seem as if they care.

Same with the multi boxing change. They stated it was to curb bots, yet zero bot softwares multibox. Instead, they all use LUA unlocked based automation.

*Legal note: The above all is my opinion based on my experience.

Answering a question from a reply : "They could, but are those APIs really so essential to create a successful botting software?"

Yes, they are absolutely critical. The top betting software products all use LUA unlockers. I would estimate 95%+ bots would immediately fail due to this one solution.

Teleport hacking definitely still works.

I know it sounds shocking that these 2 changes would remove all betting as we know it. It would. This is why these 2 changes have not occurred. The revenue decline for Blizzard would be massive.

I have been involved in this industry in the past. Heavily. I might be willing to do an AMA if people have interest. I was the founding CEO of Wowhead back in the day….

This was posted on a r/classicwowtbc conversation by u/StartupTim/ last week on a discussion about fighting against botting (your_thoughts_on_regionlocking_the_game_for_tbc).

Assuming it happens next month, could a hero from this sub going to the 2021 Blizzcon ask in front of the cameras to Blizzard whether they refuse to do these two changes? It seems important to have an answer recorded, it might resonnate in the industry and amongst gaming journalists and help (even a little) with the situation. I don't want TBC to be ruined by bots like Classic.


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