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wowservers/tauri=twitter v2 and the cancel culture

Hey guys im a long time wow veteran and played most of the private servers in the scene (atleast the big ones) and have my fair share of distaste and bitterness from interacting with some parts of the community. thats normal, no online community goes without flame and toxicity, but after a while i noticed some people with similar poltical views and agendas actually support eachothers in their hatred and toxicity and play together in some of the projects more than the others.Also many of these are actually moderators and even devs in their servers so their bias is being way too obvious and the way they moderate the speech on their servers/discord is pretty damn unfair and reminds me of twitter/police of speech kind of thing.

i noticed that No actual wotlk server (warmane,whitemane) is home of these people (atleast they dont mod these and their agendas arent being officially pushed) but they all come from vanilla,tbc and mop projects and especially i noticed it the most in tauri wow. the other thing they all have in common is – yes they hate wotlk projects and they do it with passion towards warmane and whitemane ofc. (even i have my fair share of problems with warmane, but i still never got my speech policed the way it happened on the above mentioned non-wotlk communities).

they are ready to propagade against them, hate them with passion, dislike bot and pretty much do anything possible to destroy the integrity of other communities and projects that do not share their views and ideas.

some time ago i joined tauri wow – greatly scripted mop server i have to admit. my time there was quite pleasant at first. the game ran smooth and i had fun with my friends. the problems came when i tried to interact a bit more with the online community and see what kind of people i will meet and if i can have some more online buddy fun kind of thing.

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Me and few guys on global chat talked a bit about history and politics and about world war 2. since im a history geek i love to chat with people about history and as every intelligent person knows, history is written by the winners and you never really get the whole picture from the mainstream narrative, i actually suggested a ww2 movie that shows unpopular point of views and narratives.

how stupid and naive i was, thinking that people will have open minds and actually talk about history and politics without taking it personally, getting offended and attack you with viscious passion over the internet. i got bombarded with hateful whispers, being called white supremacist, nazi, trump supporter and anti-semitic. i actually did not say anything about any of that, i just suggested that ww2 could have been a different story than the one, the mainstream narrative pushes.

**ok then, thats fine. whatever right? not really. i got whispers from multiple people and trying to argue with one specific "girl" that called me "straight-white homophobic supremacist and women hater" for disagreing with her narrative and saying im proud of being a straight white guy and there is nothing wrong about that, got me permanently muted on world chat from my whole account. not only that she made sure to rub the wound with a final whisper before ignoring me saying "white men should suffer now, because of what they did in the past".**i was shocked.

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The story doesn't end here. i head over to discord to talk with a moderator to get this overturned and what im getting is a whole mob of discord white knights calling me names, insisting im a racist,supremacist, homophobic and the worst for them – Trump supporter . not only that i get 2 moderators join the mob and ridicule me and mock me . the witch hunt was real. the moderator told me on private chat that my type of political views arent welcome there, being a trump supporter and white guy who is actually proud of it is wrong and im lucky that im not getting permanently banned from their server.

that was the last day me and my friends played on tauri-wow and will never go there again even if it is the last private server on earth with the best scripts possible.

Ok then, why the heck am i telling you this story then? well i noticed that a server (whitemane) with bunch of open minded intelligent european developers is getting bombarded by the same crappy lgbt twitter community the last few days and propagaded against with passion, so i couldnt keep silent. Whitemane is being attacked not for their scripts and server quality, no,no, NOT AT ALL. they are being attacked for their political views and their attitude towards snowflakes and how openly they actually allow people to speak on their servers compared to others and how little they tolerate bullshit.Not only that, but the server is problematic for some other projects because in their eyes it is "stealing" their players. afterall they are competition and these players should play in their projects, not on whitemane right?

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If you notice nowadays Tauri's WOTLK is being promoted very hard by random people, not because it is actually good (it isnt.. their MOP is way better, their wotlk is mediocre at best with low pop), but because they dont want you to play Whitemane and enjoy it.


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