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Zovaal may have been involved in the corruption of Galakrond.

Before writing this off as an egregious retcon, or baseless clickbait, hear me out!

I've put together a video that explores some connections between Galakrond and the Shadowlands. This being the first video I've ever made, I wasn't sure where exactly to share it without being flagged for self promotion. I shared the link in the weekly content spotlight thread, but I wanted to make at least one post that presents context for those that may be interested! I won't say anything that isn't included in the video so if you're already in, welcome. And if not, I'd like to invite you to Lorewalk with me a bit.

High in the mountains of Northrend, just before the empowerment of the Dragonflights, there were proto drakes. And the largest and most powerful of these drakes was Galakrond. Chronicle Volume One is very explicit in describing the death magic and necrosis that wafted off of Galakrond following his horrifying transformation. As well as his ability to raise the lifeless husks of mortal proto drakes from the dead. If the Shadowlands are the true source of necrotic magics, then someone or something used them against Galakrond.

At this point, undeath had never been seen on Azeroth or any world of which we are aware, for that matter. Galakrond was the first. And Dawn of the Aspects by Richard Knaak also notes that while Galakrond was cannibalistic, he was also insatiably hungry for the "Life Essence" or Anima of his victims. Consuming it would cause him to grow impossibly large, a feature not so different from The Maw itself.

There was also Old God involvement, evidenced by Xalatath's awareness of Galakrond. And an even more likely connection to Yogg Saron, whose slithering tendrils pervaded the entirety of the continent. But no Old God or void magic that we have ever seen has presented the capability of not only resurrecting a living being, but directly compelling it to carry out their specific will in the way that Galakrond did. Yogg Saron proclaimed himself as the God of Death. But a more apt moniker would be The God of Killing considering he has never, before or since Galakrond, exerted any direct control over it.

Galakrond would eventually fall to the powerful unity of the un-empowered Dragon Aspects, and a brutal pummeling by the hammer of the Titan Keeper Tyr. And his army of undead drakes faded into listlessness. The proto Aspects were then elevated by the Titan Keepers into what we know them to be today. And Odyn, citing the foolishness of leaving the defense of Life to mortal beings, went on to subjugate Helya. And trade his eye with Mueh Zala, recoiling in fear at what he saw when he looked through it.

Undeath of this kind wouldn't be seen on Azeroth again until the arrival of the Lich King. Who we know with certainty was a pawn of The Jailer. There are also some subtle connections to Elune, but if you've made it this far then maybe just watch the video, if you make it to the end of that then you'll even get to see me offer some perspective on the current state of the game world.

I am not a professional, just a guy that has enjoyed this world and it's stories for most of my life at this point attempting to share the things that, for me, spark thought and passion.

Stay tuned for the next one!


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