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2021 wishlist, by a lurker.

Hello there, I’m typically a lurker around here. So I figured I’d share my thoughts/hopes for this year of Legends. Ranges from some small things to things I think a lot of people here could agree upon. These aren’t really ordered in any particular manner aside from when they came to mind. So without much more padding I’ll start.

  1. Advanced ship icons

As it stands, when in battle all you see normally is the type of ship the reds and blues are using. This is enough information to go off of most of the time. But I think we could have something better.

Simply have the health bar and ship name be always present if the ship is on your screen. Of course they would be smaller than the ones you get as you target a ship. Causing less clutter, and depending on range could fade out.

So if a destroyer is rushing you, their health pool will be present at all times. Where as a battleship sniping at max range will have a faded health bar to not distract the player.

  1. Signal flags

So we currently have signal flags/boosters for the four main currencies of the game. But as they stand they’re kinda barebones. This is something that we’re missing from PC I feel could help with developing builds.

For example we could get signals that increase speed, secondary accuracy, or torpedo detection. Stuff that can held add some side buffs to further amplify/negate the strengths/weaknesses of some of our favorite ships.

  1. More verity in campaign premiums

This one is self explanatory, the last campaign ship I remember that wasn’t an American or Japanese ship was the Odin (which I hope will come around again at some point). Now I’m a big fan of the American navy but even I have to admit some verity would be nice.

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This can be extended to ship types as well, as the only two campaign destroyers I can think of are Benham and poiYuudachi. We could have something like Haida or Cossack for a change.

And again with tiers as well, I’m certain we can all say, we don’t need another T7 premium. As much as I didn’t like Yahagi, I think having low-mid tier campaign ships would be nice. And another incentive to buy admiralty backing, aside from the great value it already has.

  1. Expanded Premium tree

So this is something I’d like to see brought over from WoT console. The current one we have only features a small selection compared to how many there are. This might make the tree cluttered but I’m sure WG can find a way to make it work. Be it move the tab into it own dedicated menu, or just toss a bunch of icons in it. Having the ability to see the stats of the premiums (and legendaries) in a central location could help players decide what to buy/save for next.

  1. More game modes

So right now we have capture the base and domination. I’d like to see something like arms race or epicenter make it’s way over to Legends. Could add some more verity to how matches play out. Arms race could encourage some DDs to come out and cap points to buff their team. And epicenter can maybe force some players to take a more aggressive approach.

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This can also be extended to co-op missions, basically AI battles but with an actual objective. Stuff like “escort this ship”, “destroy that harbor”. Playing the same mode can get a little boring after a while for some players, myself included.

  1. More maps/removal of some maps

So it’s no secret that a few select maps are hated by the community. Tears of the Cruisers, I mean desert comes to mind personally. I can only imagine that eventually some maps will be taken out to make room for the new ones. But maybe when this happens we can push for the spawns to get moved back. As that is another complaint I see often.

  1. Cyclones/weather effects

The last thing I’d like to see is the some dynamic weather conditions. I’m not talking something drastic like fighting in a hurricane then all of a sudden the ocean freezes over. But some things that can change the way the match plays out.

Cyclones would lower the visual range of all players. Unless a ship has radar/hydro. Thus making players either have to blind fire at icons on the map. Or close the distance to actually see what they want to shoot at. This could also lead to a situation of two players stumbling upon each other.

There could be other things as well, such as thunderstorms that increase dispersion/make it harder to use CV planes. Maybe even night battles that can affect detectability.

Ending thoughts

There are a few other things that I figured wouldn’t amount to much. But these are the things I am most hopeful to see this year. We’re already getting CVs which is something I both wanted and didn’t want given how much of a pain the rework turned out on PC. But better to be optimistic than pessimistic. Id like to hear some other thoughts on this stuff. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Benson to finish grinding.

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