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A couple of updated features that we can hopefully get soon

So with the introduction of CVs now fully realized there are a couple of updates that need to be done to a few features of the game.

First among these is the option to have the camera zoomed out more. I feel that it is zoomed in too far on your ship and this is causing a few problems. First among those is tracking hostile airstrikes. At certain distances you have to rely on the mini-map to keep track of them. While capable of tracking them this greatly reduces your ability to fine tune evasive maneuvers. Secondly the forced camera zoom when getting near an island needs to go. That makes it far more difficult to have fine controls near islands. Mainly maneuvering and aiming as those are the most distorted by the forced zoom.

Next up that could use an update is the mini-map. Like the camera zoom there are a few things in need of changes and updates. First and foremost is your own ships indicator. There is no need for your own ship to be 2× larger than that of allied ships. This just makes the mini-map more cluttered then it needs to be. While we are at it just fix ship sizing on the mini-map in general as ship models are too easily overlapped and results in clutter. Secondly we need to remove the stupid icons from the firing and surface detection range rings as they result in clutter. Especially since there is a numerical value right to the next of the mini-map that is colour coded to firing and surface detection range.

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Still with the mini-map let's also add the option of choosing what we want displayed in ring format. Things like secondary gun range, sonar or radar range. Since we already have the ranges being displayed in numerical format in both the widget or next to the map why can't we choose what is being displayed.

Finally we should address the comms wheel. We have a primary tactical wheel and social wheel but we do need to add a secondary tactical wheel for advanced team communications. Things like requesting air support, I'm heading in × direction or legendary perk activation would be great.


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