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A list of Premium Ships that need an update, Part 1 IJN

So, as the title says, this is a List, with comments, of ships that feel outdated, or were simply bad from the beginning, even if they are "perfect" for WG, most of them are not.

1- Yubari.

I have had my Yubari before it was given for free, and while I do "like" to use it, that doesn't mean this ship is any good, specially when you compare this one to her sister, Iwaki.

Not only Yubari has odd placed turrets where you have to show around 80% of your broadside to use both of them, but also has zero armor, awful torps placement, no smoke and even worst, no sonar.

There's no reason for this last thing to be missing, every cruiser has one (Tier 3 and up), Iwaki even gets a smoke, and the "T4 Yubari" even has an Engine Boost.

So this ship not only is overshadow by Iwaki, but also is most of a joke, the perfect gift of WG to the community, at the very least an added sonar would be nice to have to have a little better chances of survival against Destroyers.

2- Yahagi

Speaking of Yubari, Yahagi is my biggest nightmare come true, a T4 Yubari.

Between Krasny and Marblehead, Yahagi is the worst of the 3, and probably one of the worst T4 Cruisers in the game, at the same level of "badness" that Emerald gets.

Speaking of Emerald, Yahagi feels like the bastard child between Emerald and Yubari, picking all the bad sides of both ships, you ended up having this thing.

This ship has zero armor, just like Emeraldi, while at the same time having those terrible torpedoes that Yubari had.

She has those "jumpy" shells that are very good when shooting from behind an island, but they are very slow, and a lot of time your target ends up leaving the place before any real damage has been done.

Most 1vs1 battles you ended up losing, or if you get the kill, you also ended up dying, and that's because of the 9s reload you have, when most Cruisers have around 6 to 8, heck, even Marblehead has more guns, same guns caliber but less reload than Yahagi has.

As an opinion, smoke instead of engine boost would have been better, since most of the time that engine boost doesn't really help on T4.

Having less reload time or more HP would be very nice to have as well, or at least one of those 2.

3- Azuma

On paper, Azuma is a great concept, a Cruiser (Or a kind-of BattleCruiser) that can hunt and defeat "any" heavy cruiser, while also been to go 1 on 1 against Alaska.

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Well throw that concept to the trash can, because Azuma does none of that.

Whatever Azuma does, any other Cruiser and Battleship can do it better.

Azuma has the long reload time of a Battleship, while keeping an armor that no matter who's shooting at you, they will always do a lot of damage to you.

The VERY long gun traverse (40 – 45 seconds) makes this Cruiser impossible to defend herself against a destroyer, or any cruiser at close combat.

The lacks of torpedoes makes her Atago been better at everything than Azuma could hope to do.

When this ship was released, people asked to make Azuma a legendary cruiser instead of a T7, with better stats, less reload time and much less gun traverse time, but again, WG thinks this is a perfect ship that needs no buff.

Even if you think that Azuma is "not that bad" keep in mind something, whatever you want to compare her with, she will fail.

She's unable to go against Alaska, she's unable to beat most heavy cruisers in her tier, and even fails at hunting destroyers, her "big armor" makes it easy to citadel her even from light cruisers, and overall this ship is barely used in T7.

If at the very least WG were to give a damn about this ship, then they should make her a Legendary Cruiser, with stats similar to those of Alaska, but in the mean time, she's just not a good cruiser in the game.

4- Ashitaka

I have over 5,000 battles in this game, not counting AI, and I have been playing since 2019, and during all that time I have only seen 3 Ashitakas in the game, and all of them sucked.

The concept of having an Amagi, but in T6 sounds amazing, but just like West Virginia, it just fails.

This ship is so fragile, and overpens everything, that targeting cruisers is just out of question, and even when you go against Battleships, most of them you will fail your shells or overpen their armor.

Even if you play well in Ashitaka, she's just not good, because almost every other Battleship at her tier will beat her or just performe better than her.

And the little things she has "good" other ships again, will do better.

Such as been "fast", but Hood been faster.

Having big guns, but again Colorado and a lot of other Battleships having "almost" the same size of guns, but no issues with the overpen.

A good update for this ship would be to have her shells have less overpen, having less shell detonation time.

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5- Ragnarok.

Oh. My. God.

Ragnarok is… no words can honestly explain the level of badness this ship reach, is literally off the chart.

Whoever in WG thought to copy the WORST ship in the game, and nerf it, deservers a raise from WG but the hate for the Warhammer Fans.

Not only Ignis and Ragnarok are the finest example of WG not giving a damn about creating something new and unique, but also taking the worst T6 Battleship (right now) and not only make one, but 2 ships out of it.

Take out the camo of Ragnarok and Ignis and you will discover the ugly true, Ragnarok/Ignis are just straight up copy/paste of Nagato, with ZERO effort been made to them.

These ships could have been ships on their own, or one could have been a copy of Colorado and the other a copy of Nagato, but instead we have 2 "Premium Nagatos".

The only difference is the fact that they have shorter reload but an AWFUL low HP, with only 50,000

While for many that doesn't sound bad, but check every other battleship in T6 and you will see how much difference there is.

AND even when the difference is not that big, keep in mind something, the armor on Ragnarok (And Ignis) is so bad, that almost every hit from any battle ship, at any angle and any range, will 90% be a citadel against you.

Every single of my friends, me included, dislike these 2 ships for how bad they are.

And they even dare to make Arthas a Brawler commander for this ship, which is just insane to think you have a chance to brawl with this.

You will overpen EVERYTHING with this beast, your accuracy is bad, your armor is bad, your HP is awful.

And besides the looks of this ship, nothing saves it, I mean this, nothing does.

As a Fan of Warhammer and WOWS I just feel sad saying those words, becuase I like the concept of the ship, but to this day I can't believe how cheap and greedy WG was (And is) when they announced and released these ships, search any video and you will see everyone that reviews this ship that they all agree it just suck.

Ragnarok is just a bad AND expensive joke from WG, a spit in the face to those that we thought it could be good, but ended up just having a "collection" ship and nothing more, a Nagato with a cool skin but worst.

I know WG will never give a damn about those that bought their ships BELIEVING in them, and they will straight up ignore this as well, but this is just my small aport about of just how bad can Ragnarok be.

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Personal recomendation? None, WG doesn't care about it anymore, they care how many people will buy the next new event ship, no if their last one was any good.

But an improved armor, accuracy, HP and shell detonation time, and just overall a better ship, would have been nice to have.

Well this my "little" discussion of IJN ships that REALLY need some updates.

As the game keeps progressing, old ships should also be updated accordingly.

But keep in mind this is all marketing strategy, if old ships stays irrelevant, and new ships come to the game, imrpoved and better than their old counterparts, then the people that own those old ships will want to have the new ones to stay relevant in the game.

Biggest example is Texas, bad accuracy, only 3 secondary guns (3 on each side), LONG reload, long traverse time, is just a bad ship when you compare to either Nikolai 1 and the new Giulio Cesare which has a much better accuracy even as a brawler than Texas will ever have.


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