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A word about the undocumented CV nerfs

Content of the article: "A word about the undocumented CV nerfs"

First of all, I would like to thank u/IrregularRevisionist for taking the time to warn the community and run tests to confirm that CVs have received very significant nerfs with no prior warning and without said nerf being listed in the 9.9 patch notes.

That said, my 2c on the matter.

I do not love aircraft carriers. They can be frustrating to play against, and boring to play as, but as I've been an active and paying WG customer for close to eight years, I've dealt with these and worse and soldiered on, because despite how toxic aircraft carriers (WoWs) and artillery (WoT) were and still are, they do not make the game "unplayable" as many others claim.

I've grinded all CV trees up to Tier 8, and recently spent some 80 euros on German loot crates for the new CV line, and currently have Richthofen (with Iron Cross camo), Enterprise (a lucky roll from the Summer Sales), and Erich Loewenhardt (for Tier 6 PVE). I've also bought Kaga and GZ in the past, but those were eventually sold. Long story short, I've spent a fairly relevant amount of money on aircraft carriers, and I did not regret it because for all their faults, they proved useful for clearing missions (the German ones are especially good when I'm asked to farm citadel ribbons).

WG out of nowhere smashing not just one ship, but the whole class, is a blow I am not sure I can accept. Not because I'm suddenly without sealclubbing tools (only Hosho qualifies imho, and after the TB nerfs I have some doubts about that), but because had I not been a reddit user, I would know nothing about this. Again – these changes have not been hinted at, there have been no supertest announcements in the devblog, and there is NOTHING about them in the patch notes.

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I am also honestly shocked by how the community is reacting, because at least from the comments I've seen this morning, the vast majority is CELEBRATING. This legit left me speechless, because while I knew there was hate for aircraft carriers (there is plenty for artillery, of course there would've been for CVs), I never imagined it was so… deep.

Rant over, now to business.

I will wait until sunday the 4th of October. If this is a mistake on WG's part, and it will be resolved with hotfixes, fine, it's cringeworthy but at least it was that – a mistake.

If, however, it turns out these changes were planned and we were all kept in the dark, and the nerfs are here to stay, I guess that's my cue to find another game and another subreddit.

I also predict this post will be bombed by the serial haters but I honestly don't care. All I wish to know is the truth of the matter.

Fin, have a nice day everyone.


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