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Adapt or move on.

It's time to talk about some of the changes and the subsequent sentiments of the player base developing since the captain skills rework. First things first, the reception of the rework varies from player to player. While it is agreeable that most of us have some issues with the rework, there are many whom I've spoken to seem to like the changes based on their play style. I personally have picked up IJN and french gun boat destroyers since the patch and I'm quite enjoying my time, having mostly played battleships and cruisers for about three years. Before we get to the controversial deadeye skill, I agree that most builds require more point investment to make them work on a similar level as before and yes secondary builds and ships benefitting from them suffered as a result.

Coming to the deadeye skill. If you have a 10 point captain, this is the best skill to pick up at 4 points. Some ships don't need it as much as the others but it improves your performance at long ranges. Battleship players are being called out for sitting at the back and sniping while losing the game for their team. This is not new. This long range meta has always existed and WG simply provided a bit more of an incentive aka a wheelchair, to sit at the back. They themselves stated that players "enjoy" this kind of play style and its a boost for them. They're not wrong. I started out in the Asia server before switching over to NA and it was a passive fiesta. You could forget about them giving a flying fuck and make a concentrated push for caps.

My experience with NA wasn't vastly different in the sense of play style. Sure many players will prefer to brawl it out or yolo rush a cap, die, and blame their team because they expect support in the face of overwhelming firepower. This is typical of the average player because the same player doesn't know how and when to push. There was another player who posted a few days ago stating that players don't like the pushing play style even though they whine and cry about it. I remember pre nerf Kremlin and it was a blast to play because the majority of the player base didn't and still don't know how to deal with a concentrated push. It got nerfed and I don't get to see it as often in random.

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I, like many of you, enjoy my secondary battleships and play my Pommern, with a 10 point Lutjens, over my Thunderer. I stopped playing the latter because it was just too boring for me, but I don't blame anyone else for playing it because why should I. Even though I am woefully under-equipped in terms of captain points, I manage to do reasonably well in terms of damage and have a decent win rate because I utilise islands and cover when I can and try to understand the flow of the battle to decide when to push. I never knew or gave this much thought till I saw some of Potato Quality's videos for brawling and tried to adapt a more critical approach rather than raise anchors and push in guns blazing. The average player might not want to go through all this and would prefer to sit at the back and just shoot at boats. I don't blame him either. I tried to adapt the approach after 3k plus battles so why would I expect everyone else to do the same. It comes down to this: most players either don't know how to push or when to push and get blown up, so ultimately don't push in altogether and neither does the average player in a random match know how to deal with a push. Not everyone wants to learn how to get better and improve as a player and we must come to terms with that.

WG will cater to the most common and relevant player type in the game and that is the average player. We laugh and joke about spreadsheets, but the fact remains that most companies use data analytics to introduce products for their consumers. If the average player wants to sit back and snipe, you can bet your sweet tush that more long range ships will be introduced. Does it suck? Yeah it does, but it also provides me an opportunity to play a different class of ships or utilize a play style I wouldn't have tried before. As an example, I run my Kremlin with a full tank build to push in with my dds using islands because there are fewer cruisers to counter me or the battleships are too far away. My win rate has gone up since the rework and I'm enjoying my time because I tried to play differently. Sure you will have battleships that will farm damage from 24kms but that rarely wins games. Destroyers will still be more impactful than any other class and most players don't bother shooting them in the first place.

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We can agree that the implementation of a lot of mechanics by WG haven't been well received and the monetization has almost strapped itself to SpaceX's new rocket. Can we do something about it? Maybe not. We can't stop random bundles being implemented because players buy them regardless. Unless regulations come into the picture, there is little our feedback matters unless you close your wallets completely. But for times like these, Adapt or stop playing. That's the truth. The game is not dying. World of tanks has been "dying" for years now. New players will come and the game will move forward with or without you. If you want to stop playing then good for you. I'm happy that you decided that your time is better utilized elsewhere. For those playing, switch things up. Tired of random, try to join a clan. Many of the don't have restrictions in terms of time spent and are pretty chill. Playing with some more experienced players will help you in improving your gameplay. Try to get in clan battles if you can with your clan but don't expect things to change in random because that's how it will be.

This post was not meant to come off as a rant. Just voicing my opinions on the subject and I didn't mean to berate anyone. I'm a decent player, if not average most of the times but I try. Just know that you can either farm damage or farm win rate, but seldom both unless you're really that good.

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Edit: Wanting to get better, try watching some pro clans on twitch like O7. They have their own page and I've been watching bfk_ferlyfe for destroyer plays. I hope I never come across him and CVLUL if I decided to play a carrier. Maltese knight, Potato Quality, Citizen are some I watch. I know yourSATscore posts on reddit as I've come across his destroyer build advice.

Good luck captains.


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