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An opinion about “OP” Ships.

There's a lot of opinions right now about Weimar been an OP ship and so on.

However, here's an unpopular opinion, "that's fine"

Something that a lot of people seeks to forget, is that the game moves Forward, not Backwards.

We don't have fewer ships, we have more.

We have now more types of ships, such as the CVs, we now have more nations, and we have much more variety than what we used to have on the first year of the game.

"OP" Ships are not uncommon, the issue is that Weimar was released on a time where you could get it "cheaper" because of the coupon, and thus, because it's the latest shiny ship, everyone is over-using the ship.

Let's keep in mind, Weimar is honestly not the only OP ship in the game (and in fact Weimar, which I don't consider that ship OP, would be the less OP of them all)

A huge list of OP Ships are included, but not limited to:

Kamikaze, Yudachi, Belfast, Jean Bart, Lenin, Nelson, Scharnhorst, California, T-61, etc.

A lot of you might have opinions that some of those ships might not be OP, and some others would say that there are more.

But at the end of the day, no one is making opinions left and right to nerd any of those ships.

When Belfast was released, a lot of people asked the same.

When Yudachi was released, once again, everyone said it was OP.

The thing is, that the more time you give to the game, you then understand how to COUNTER those ships, and then, they will be just played like any other ship and they will have their counters.

As a personal opinion, I have faced 3 times Weimar, and I honestly don't think it's not on the same level as HUGE monsters are.

You can't compare Weimar to Belfast or to Yudachi or Kamikaze, those ships are on another league, especially when they were released, they were truly one of a kind with almost 0 counters.

But aa the game progress, some of them become simple "good" or average.

You don't see the game flowing with Scharnhorst, as when it was released.

Same as Yudachi, since now we have tons of DD Hunters.

The game moves forward people, we don't need to nerf ships, we need to buff old and obsolete ships, so they can be better.

We don't need to nerf Weimar, Weimar is just a München with 4 more guns, slower and less maneuverable, much easier to hit if you are using a BB.

We simply need to adapt to the game (Just like when we first got Legendaries and CVs), and learn how to counter them.

The ship is popular, people are over-using and that's why there's issue, because people are looking too many matches with that ship (same happened to Belfast, JB, Yudachi, T-61, etc)

But once again, give it time, the "Weimar fever" is going to pass, just like it has happened for every other "OP" ship that to this day, some of them has instead of been nerfed, they have been buffed, as once again, the game moves forward, not backwards.


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