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Are we approaching a CV sniping Meta ?

Content of the article: "Are we approaching a CV sniping Meta ?"

When I started interacting with all classes learning their properties , CV sniping wasn’t an option due to

X – Distance : CV positioning creates a huge distance to cover for any attacking ship ,including CV.

X – 1v1 advantage of a CV: CV have the 1v1 advantage over any other ships class , given an equal player skill (Including Halland).

X – CV sniping CV: the distance and AA makes the process tedious and ineffective .

Why would someone want to snip the CV ?

Not because of hate , but because CVs are the most important class in a match and they should be focused and eliminated to boost the victory conditions. Removing the CV from the game early on gives your teammates a significant advantage in spotting , aggressive plays and staying alive when they are low on HP .

The Thought reemerged again after watching Yuro video using 2 Musashies and a Graf Zeppelin due to the musahsies range and spotter planes cool down advantage . this was also reinforced by the latest 2 Kidds and 1 Akizikui DD division that I saw in action on stream for many hours . and the yes , the playes running these divisions are more skilled than the average wows players, including myself.

what made me write this post is yesterday’s games.

The first game where I was in a Midway and I failed to react to a fast red push early in the game , in which the Red Daring persisted on keeping me spotted and the Yamato brought me down. The other game where I was in a CV doing my usual first minute scouting of the entire red fleet and the Slava in my team immediately pings the CV and askes for intelligent data . I got the hint and kept the CV spotted and he was gone in 3 minutes .

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Both instances included teammates that are not in a division cooperating to eliminate the CV asap. Now this could just be a coincidence ,

but I dare to think that CV sniping will increase as we go on.

Disregard hatred toward CV for a moment , is it safe to say that players are waking up to the necessity to remove the Red team most valuable asset early on ?

We say focus DDs when they are spotted due to their battle influence , yet perhaps we need to focus CV even more .

What do you think ?


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