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Reverse speeds in World of Warships appear to be tied to the forward speed of a ship. Ergo, all ships with a 32.5 knot top speed appear to have the same reverse speed. This is not yet confirmed as more examples need to be tested. Consider the following the preliminary data for the moment. There are many elements that still need to be verified. For example, do ships with stock engines behave differently? What effect does the Sierra Mike signal have on reverse speeds? What about Engine Boost?

You'll note that the values here aren't as simple as one third of the ship's maximum speed. The values vary from 36% to 57% with a general progression that the slower the ship, the higher the relative reverse speed. It's also possible that some of these recorded values are in error as it takes some ships in excess of 2 minutes to reach their maximum reverse speed and sometimes more.

Max Speed / Reverse Speed (Examples Tested)

  • 15.0kts / 8.6kts (Langley)
  • 18.0kts / 9.3kts (Mikasa)
  • 19.0kts / 9.5kts (Black Swan, Bougainville, Chengan)
  • 19.5kts / 9.7lts (Hashidate)
  • 20.0kts / 9.9kts (Erie, Eritrea, Gryf)
  • 20.5kts / 9.9kts (Turenne)
  • 21.0kts / 10.2kts (New Mexico, Arizona)
  • 22.0kts / 10.3kts (St.Louis)
  • 22.5kts / 10.5kts (Bellerophon)
  • 23.0kts / 10.7kts (Jurien)
  • 23.5kts / 10.7kts (Queen Elizabeth, Warspite)
  • 24.0kts / 10.9kts (Hermelin)
  • 24.5kts / 10.9kts (Fuso)
  • 25.0kts / 11.1kts (Orlan)
  • 26.0kts / 11.3kts (Chikuma)
  • 26.5kts / 11.5kts (Pyotr Velkiy)
  • 27.0kts / 11.6kts (Kolberg)
  • 27.5kts / 11.7kts (North Carolina, Alabama, Massachusetts)
  • 28.0kts / 11.9kts (Duke of York, Famous & Historical Monarch)
  • 28.5kts / 12.0kts (Izmail)
  • 29.0kts / 12.1kts (Vladivostok, Lenin)
  • 29.5kts / 12.3kts (Normandie, Kii)
  • 30.0kts / 12.5kts (Tachibana, Amagi, Vanguard, Roma)
  • 30.5kts / 12.5kts (Tirpitz)
  • 31.0kts / 12.6kts (Bismarck)
  • 31.5kts / 12.8kts (Furious)
  • 32.0kts / 12.8kts (Richelieu, Gascogne)
  • 32.5kts / 13.0kts (Belfast '43, Konigsberg, Helena, Belfast, Edinburgh)
  • 33.0kts / 13.2kts (Siroco, Des Moines)
  • 33.5kts / 13.2kts (G-101)
  • 34.0kts / 13.4kts (Shokaku)
  • 34.5kts / 13.6kts (Zao)
  • 35.0kts / 13.6kts (Storozhevoi)
  • 35.5kts / 13.8kts (Jaguar)
  • 36.0kts / 13.8kts (Longijang)
  • 36.5kts / 13.9kts (Alberto di Guissano)
  • 37.0kts / 14.1kts (Nicholas)
  • 37.5kts / 14.1kts (Fujin)
  • 38.0kts / 14.3kts (Gnevny)
  • 38.5kts / 14.5kts (Sims)
  • 39.0kts / 14.5kts (Blyskawica)
  • 39.5kts / 14.7kts (Grozovoi)
  • 40.0kts / 14.9kts (Udaloi)
  • 42.0kts / 15.3kts (Podvoisky)
  • 42.5kts / 15.5kts (Kiev)
  • 43.0kts / 15.7kts (Minsk)
  • 43.5kts / 15.7kts (Mogador)
  • 44.0kts / 15.9kts (Kleber)
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