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Being bad at the game is grounds for suspension.

Content of the article: "Being bad at the game is grounds for suspension."

So i am probably on the lower end of the spectrum in regards to skills. I play intermittently but I've racked up about 6-7 tier 10's. Mostly DD's. 2 days ago I was playing a few rounds in my gearing and i pushed a cap on the map "North". I saw a minotaur pushing as well and taught ok, he'll smoke up as soon as I detect him again and i will deal with that. He was a radar Mino and he completely caught me with my pants down at 7km or something.

I immediately dove behind an island and waited for the radar to end. I was at 30% hp from that blunder. I then get detected by a Småland and he murders me so I die. This all happens within 1 minutes of the round starting. I messed up badly and i know it. I was the dumb dd doing a bad play.

I left for port and played a few more rounds then went to bed.

Today i log in and i have a 3 day suspension from the game. I am told via tickets another player reported me for suiciding willingly, and he even submitted a replay of me supposedly doing just that.

I try to talk to support and they give me an answer that because I was suiciding and aiding the enemy team the 3 days suspension will stand.

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Here is is my chat with support.

If you can be suspended for just messing up i am done with this game. I am willing to upload said replay for anyone thinking i did this on purpose to see for themselves.

I dont know how to feel about this. I took a stupid risk when i taught the Mino had smoke, but getting suspended is ridiculous. I know I'll be worrying about losing my account from now on just from playing normally if this is how they deal with stuff like this.

Edit, here is replay of the game where I'm dying "intentionally"


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