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Can we get Newport moved to T7?

Content of the article: "Can we get Newport moved to T7?"

Defense of Naval Station Newport is one of the weirder operations, and arguably the only one that borderline requires a skilled, coordinating group of players to successfully 5 star.

I think Newport has two core problems: Being a T6 operation, and the choice of enemy ships. The latter can't really be done much about, as I'm sure there's some historical inspiration for the operation, but the former can be addressed. Moving Newport to T7 would allow players to actually utilize the unique benefits of certain tech trees (German BBs, for example), get the benefits of better health pools, and the added benefits of longer ranged, more damaging guns.

A common complaint I hear about Newport is that T6s often don't put out sufficient DPS to effectively counter the large numbers of lightly armored, fast moving Japanese cruisers and destroyers. Uptiering the operation would aid in rectifying this because guns simply do more damage. T7s are also more durable, and are also when faction characteristics begin to actually shine through and differentiate from other national trees. There would be little to adjust for the enemy, just uptiering the odd T2s and T3s in the mix of ships,

Uptiering to T7 would also change a part of the operation that I think it rather divisive: carriers. Newport is an operation that, I think, shows the differences between CV captains. A bad or even just below average CV captain in Newport rapidly can become deadweight on the team, deadweight that can easily be made up for with more guns at the ready. At the same time though, a good CV in Newport can absolutely maul enemy forces before they get in gun range, something I've seen personally with the new German CVs and their AP rockets.

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I've been turning this around in my head for a while, and I think making Newport a T7 operation would solve a lot of the complaints I hear about. As with anything, these are just my thoughts, and I'm curious as to the thoughts of the community at large.


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