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Carriers were very interesting, arena is straight forward and I love it more than ranked. I’m excited to get Siegfried as well. So what’s next for legends?

(This is more to get a consensus of what people would like to see next update and I’ll give my opinion of what I would like to see.) Now first off let’s just give wargaming a round of applause. The aircraft carriers proved to have all the functions set in stone very well, that being said I think some minor improvements can be made to aiming as I’ve seen a lot of people get stuck on that topic. None of that really matters anymore carriers have come and gone. Not for long but don’t expect them to be coming out fully next update.

I love arena. I think the idea behind it is fantastic. Even though I myself can’t make it to the 1% so are there any advocates for top 5% rewards to be added? Just a suggestion but I think it would alleviate a lot of the heat everyone is giving the top 1% for having millions of XP. It is a good first test run of what they want the game mode to be. Hopefully this isn’t the finalized version because I think a few tweaks should be made to make the combat a little bit more engaging and not so drawn out.

So now that I’ve covered the two staples of the update we are currently enduring, what’s next? Moreover what if?

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Let’s cover the what’s next first. As of right now it could be anything but wargaming tends to add something every update to keep you playing whether it be new legendary ships in the bureau, campaign rewards, or even a new game mode. So you might be scratching your head wondering where is he going with this…? It’s hard to guess but I can’t think of any ship lines they might add. Nor do I know any potential ships they might add for the campaign. My guess is that the next campaign ship will be a destroyer. Primarily because we had the Massachusetts (battleship) now we have the cruiser Siegfried. I mean I don’t want to be the one to say “hey see a pattern?!?” Because that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be one. Although I think the community in large is kinda hoping for it to be a destroyer… they just haven’t thought about it yet because we are focused on this update. I myself hope to see a French destroyer or even a Russian one.

Now here’s the what if part. This is a pie in the sky kinda dream. Meaning everything I’m about to say is what I would like for wargaming to do.

I want three new bureau projects. Two of them are cruisers. One of them is a battleship. What would I pick? Well I would want the Minotaur for 🇬🇧 and I would want either Colbert or Henri IV for 🇫🇷 and as for the battleship? Either Kremlin, Montana, Ohio, or Republiqúe. Why no Conquerer 🙁 cause I hated that thing it isn’t from this world…

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Why did I say two cruisers and a battleship? In my mind with the destroyers at the tier combined with two more cruisers kinda over saturates the tier with DPM. Now I don’t know if that would be the case but I think it’s something to consider. By adding another battleship on top of the two cruisers your adding more team health to tier and I don’t think people would necessarily go for the battleship right away. And not to mention I don’t think battleship spam at tier will ever go away, sure more ship classes will help at the tier, but by how much? Mainly because cruisers are something the tier has been lacking. As such people will most likely research the cruisers first.


this is all speculation. I’d love to hear your thought on what I’ve said as I might not be right on some of it.

I wanna know your thoughts on too much DPM at a tier when I was discussing adding cruisers to the bureau.


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