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Derp’s Legendary Wishlist

Hello all, been a while since I created a megapost, so here goes nothing… Todays topic is things I'd like to see change within the game, along with my thoughts on why, hope you enjoy!

The Tier System:

This one has long been requested by the community and as more Legendary ships enter the game, I can't help but feel theres a greater lack of parity between Tier Seven and the Legendary Ships. The first thing to note is Legends was created as a +/-1 with it's Matchmaking system, however with the advent of Legendary ships coming to the game, its given us a false sense of this +/-1. If you look at all the ships that inhabit T7, you have a large mixture of what was Tiers 8 and 9 from PC, so this coupled with the Legendary Ships, means top tier is in fact +/-2 in matchmaking terms. Worse still are Fail Divisions that somehow make it into Legendary matches, why this hasn't been fixed is somewhat beyond me to be honest.

My answer for this is simple, add a Tier 8 into the mix and redistribute ships into their rightful places. I feel this would be better for a great many players overall and would stop many ships being outclassed against those that they'd never see had PC the +/-1 MM mechanic.

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Semi Armour Piercing Shells:

Another in the list of things much requested within the community, only to be met with some rather disappointing answers. I think its safe to say the Italian Cruisers don't see a lot of play by many of the community, which in part I cant help but feel is to do with their lack of SAP from PC. The last time I raised this discussion, I was given some answers by the Community Team that said something along the lines of that, it isn't possible due to coding within the game itself. Now, with the coming of the Carriers to the game in a test event soon, I find it very difficult to believe that SAP couldn't somehow come to the game because of this. If we can have CV's, why is SAP seemingly impossible?

Something here just doesn't add up for me…


There's a lot to love and a lot to hate about Ranked in my opinion, especially concerning Season 9. For starters, I find the lack of comments about it from Wargaming more revealing than anything. I know their intent was to make it more skill based overall, but the removal of the "save a star" mechanic has caused it to be more luck based than anything else. Plus, I've seen a degree of toxicity from members of the community in response to this as well. I forget the member of Reddit who suggested it, but in one post I saw they talked of a more nuanced Star system:

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Winning Team:

  • top player +2 stars
  • positions 2-4 +1 star
  • Bottom saves a star.

Losing Team:

  • top player save a star
  • positions 2-5 lose a star

Who know's how they'll fix it, but while I like the above suggestion (if I remember it correctly), I doubt it'll be something we see any time soon sadly.

Legendary Ships:

Now this is only a small gripe for me and just as small a section, but I'd like to see Wargaming release one or two Legendary ships every patch. I'd prefer to see three or more, so it makes selection of what you research more of a choice, as many of us have Premium time so will always have two projects on the go at a time. I just feel that Legendary matches are somewhat boring and bland it terms of variety, so it would be good to see more selection on show within teams.

As another side with Legendary ships is Rentals, please for the love of god never ever bring this back. Renting ships along with letting anyone who's reached Tier 4 should never be a part of the game for me. It just feels like letting people into tiers who haven't learnt the game properly by grinding the ranks out…

Well, thats my wishlist for the game as it stands. Would love to know everyones thoughts, so let me know below!

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